l Crayola I 10 Man(H)

l Crayola l A newly Formed guild with the purpose of providing a Semi-Hardcore raiding and PVP experience. Raid Times wil be Thurs Sat 8-11pm ST. Also accepting Social people who just want to enjoy the game, Our current need for the raid team is quite long but ill update as we fill the positions haha.
Tanks-(2) Prefer DK War combo but will consider any
Heals-(2) Priest/Monk and also Resto Shaman
Dps- Rogue,Hunter,Boomkin, Mage
The list is quite long like i mentioned. But we are starting fresh for MoP and would love to have anyone :) Any questions Pst in game or reply ;)
09/24/2012 02:38 PMPosted by Torién
Semi-Hardcore raiding

so not actually hardcore, just want to sound like you are?

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