Dear DKs:

Death Knight
09/22/2012 06:06 AMPosted by Kerrath

Roid rage, high school football jock behavior, and a LOT of repressed, confused sexual tension.

So you shouldn't be surprised when I make juvenile jokes about men in dresses.

Your obsession with men in dresses reveals much. It's OK, though, because its the twenty first century! You can come out now.
I hope you like wearing dresses now.

Sincerely, warriors.

I do, actually! And I'm SO excited that we finally get a plate dress again =D
Warrior t14
Looks an awful lot like rogue t13
He's just jelly because once again blood elves will look 10 times as FABulous as anyone else horde side and pull all the groupies. It's ok bro, all that extra testosterone and frustration will just help you generate more rage :D.
09/22/2012 08:04 AMPosted by Bittermoon
One word: transmog.

Dear warriors, i hope you like you 15-25% nerf on all your main abilities, jokes on you.
I for one do not mind. I played Paladin for 3 years before becoming a DeathKnight back in wrath.

The Battle kilts are pretty cool once you realize how its supposed to work.
Dresses? Negative. The kind folks at the transmog center will make sure that I'm still wearing random assortment of skulls and spikes (and pants, of course - massive junk would flop around and cause 40k+ damage as an aoe attack if I wore a dress) while I continue slaying warriors and teasing them with magic attacks while my Obliterate still crits for more than their execute.

Good day, sire.
I for one, am thinking about getting a sex change so I can rock my pretty dress.

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