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Thanks to this wonderful community I've decided to play as a Rogue as my first character. Now I've got to pick which race I want to play as. Does the race matter in terms of which class you play as, or is it just for appearances only? Does each race have a huge back story or do you just make up your own? Also what is the difference between a gnome and a dwarf? Sorry about the noobish questions but I've only started yesterday.

Thanks from Cubies. <3
The only gameplay difference in race is the racial abilities that you get for playing a certain race. They don't really make fundamental changes to playstyles but can be nice to have.

For example dwarves get a racial called Stoneskin that removes all bleed/poison/disease effects and reduces all damage taken by 10% for 8 seconds.

I usually tell people to pick whatever race appeals to them, and not really consider the racial abilities too much.
There isn't really a right or wrong race. Just pick whatever is most appealing to you. Look at the perks that each class offers on the character creation screen. I really like Night Elves because of Shadowmeld. It's an ability similar to a rogue's Vanish except that you can't move while doing it. Two vanishes are a lot better than one.
So each race gets one unique skill? Apart from them it's cosmetics?
09/22/2012 11:11 AMPosted by Cubies
So each race gets one unique skill? Apart from them it's cosmetics?

They get 5, but most of them are passive. When you are creating a character they list them under the races. Usually they have 1 active skill that does something interesting, like night elf's shadowmeld.
The list usually looks something like this:

-A situational minor ability
-an insignificantly small buff to a specific weapon type
-a tiny boost to one specific stat (mana regen, haste, crit, etc)
-a 15 point boost to a specific profession
-a small advantage in a certain situation (faster herb picking, longer breath bar under water, faster travel in ghost form, etc)
09/22/2012 09:44 AMPosted by Cubies
Also what is the difference between a gnome and a dwarf?

One I'm not allowed to eat, the other I simply won't. Also, dwarves are taller, hairier, drunker, and not quite as puntable.
Certain races are more adept at some classes than others. Gnomes are better mages, Orcs are better Warriors, etc. You can choose whatever race/class you want, the racial abilities hardly affect gameplay.

Since you are a rogue, I'd recommend Horde, we rock! :) Try a Goblin Rogue (Story is hilarious), a Blood Elf Rogue (They just plain look cool), or and Undead Rogue (Can't go wrong with Cannibalize in the BGs.)

Hit me up on Area 52 if you want, I'll set you up brotha.
I'll be weird and suggest you roll an orc or dwarf rogue purely because hardly anyone ever plays those race-class combos and I find that both of those races just feel right for the combat spec. Also gnome rogues have a slightly comical stealth animation if you want to go that route. Alternately you could wait one more day and roll a pandaren, though be aware that practically everyone else who's not rushing to 90 will also be leveling pandas.

Seriously though, unless you're really attached to one of the racials or intending to RP, race choice is pretty much all cosmetic-based.
It's most important to pick a race that you don't mind staring at the backside of for days. Literally days.

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