Glyph of the Battle Healer suggestion

So i messed around on the beta a bit to test out this glyph and here is a suggestion to make it a biy better as a playstyle change glyph.

First have the heals work towards the 50% beacon of light transfer. Second make it so it also works for damage done by Holy Shock. The holy shock change coupled with the Holy Shock glyph would sacrifice a bit of Healing but help contribute to dps.

So with this glyph the alternate playstyle for paladins would be focus on dpsing a boss. Beacon on tank. 30% of damage done healing party members who need healing. Any heals not going to the tank also heal the tank for 15% of your damage done. Couple this with selfless healer for a free insta cast FoL every 18 seconds (more with haste). with the right amount of haste you could make your Holy Light Holy Radiance etc. Insta cast with Holy Shock crits.

The main downside I can see is the lack of a use for mastery with this playstyle.

So gearing priority would be Haste to cap so Holy Shock crits give insta cast heals. Then crit to insure Holy Shock get mostly crits.

Keep beacon of light on tank.
Judgement oncooldown cooldown.
Insta cast FoL on 3 judgements.
Holy Shock on mob.
Holy radiance or Holy light on Holy Shock crits as insta cast.
Crusader strike.
Word of Glory as needed.
It could also work well with eternal flame or Sacred shield. With the extra intake of Holy power from adding in crusader strikes you could easily have Eternal Flame rolling on multiple party members to keep constant healing going on your beacon target. Or sacred shield on tank to even out damage taken a little bit.
I think it's an interesting idea, but it won't happen in MoP and probably wouldn't happen as you describe it as a glyph.

The idea of holy getting an option as a damage healer is within the realm of reality considering we've already seen that kind of play style work out as an option for disc priests, and to a lesser extent shaman with TC. The play style option of holy playing in melee range is and has been there through SoI and now the battle healer glyph, so it's evident that they're not completely opposed to melee holy.

All that being said, I think the real determining factor will be how mistweaver melee healing turns out. If we go through all of MoP where that play style just can't be balanced with the traditional ranged one, (either too good or too cumbersome.) then I don't think they'd go and try to make a balance issue out of a second class.

On the other hand, if all went well, I could see them adding it in as a passive set of abilities in the next expansion rather than through the glyph. The change would be big enough that it's the kind of thing they wouldn't put as a glyph, sort of like what they said about the glyph of demon hunting with warlock tanking.

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