Anyone reading the new short stories?

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09/23/2012 09:14 PMPosted by Drailen
If you think Lili's comic is literally a "children's comic book" then you're clueless.

Blizzard has already said they are seriously considering children's books.

Guess I'm not so clueless, huh?

That doesn't mean PoP is one.

Given what little we've heard of the story from references to it in QoP it involves them being hunted by a naga sea witch and a fel orc blademaster (may or may not be working together, I'm not sure). One of whom ends up killing the guy sent to protect Li Li by her father.

Just because the artstyle is light doesn't mean the story is a Saturday morning cartoon.
wtf is a li li
09/24/2012 03:10 AMPosted by Vadyn
wtf is a li li

It's Warcraft for Kids!

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