Why do you hate Buttercup?

I'm really curious. I have been trying to get into raids for months now & I can't even get accepted into a raid even for Ulduar on this server because they will either not respond to me or tell me that someone heard that I'm bad or someone doesn't like me or something like that. It's always something they heard from someone. I haven't even raided with anyone in this server for months now. And when I did raid with people on this server, I did better than the other healers in the group.

99% of the people who think they hate me or say that they hate me or think I'm bad or whatever don't even know me & haven't even talked to me once before in their entire life. So why are you guys holding such a grudge against me? I'm not super horrible bad at this game & I'm a nice person. Please stop the discrimination against Buttercup it's super rude and uncalled for. Thanks god bless (:
I blame the pirate hat
This is the best I've ever seen your typing. It's a good start.
1% of the people who think they hate you do know you? Sounds interesting, tell us that story.
Well some people do hate me for legit reasons such as I lied to them or I was drunk and was being obnoxious in their vent server, but 99% of the time I'm sober & I don't do that, and I stopped lying to people. So I don't understand why people reject me from their raids based off of "someone in the raid" hearing something bad about me or whatever.
You spam trade chat like 19 hours a day and act immature in trade/troll trade and peoples vents and then wonder why people don't want to raid/group with you?

That's like going into someones house for dinner and peeing on the carpet and wondering why you aren't invited back.

Basically, if you want to get invited to raid....be enjoyable to play games with/raid with. Based off of the things I have seen you spam in trade I wouldn't invite you into any raid I was in....the good news though....you can stop spamming/trolling and in a few months people will forget and you will be back to pugging raids like a champ.

Or just pay for a name change. That'll do the trick too.
I appreciate you.
When was the last time I talked in trade? Please let me know Earthroot?
Few weeks ago was the last time I saw you but I may of put you on ignore. Gets old seeing the same people spam the same nonsense.
I don't spam & I rarely ever talk on trade, ever.
:| I must look at trade at the wrong times then
I used to see you spamming something about being drunk and a boyfriend all of the time which is quite frankly low quality trolling at best.
I don't hate you in any event, I just wouldn't invite you to a group.
Yeah & that's why I'm making this post. That's what people say. They won't invite me to a group. They don't know me, they have never talked to me, they have never seen me play, they have no idea. So I wish people would stop listening to other people who have 'heard' that I'm bad or whatever they have heard & just let me be in a group & prove that I'm actually good & stop being so frickin rude. the end (:
Well my assumptions are based purely on how you (used to) act in trade. I likely would not enjoy grouping with you so I don't. Nothing to do with skill....I've no doubt you are a good priest and know your class. Like I said give it a few weeks more and I'm sure people will forget.
I ddon't believe I was ever acting horribly in trade chat on this server. Randomly I would say one or two sentences to be part of the conversation but I would never actually like troll trade for hours like som people do.
I feel like you are just making up reasons why you wouldn't invite me without actually knowing why you wouldn't invite me like the people that I'm making this post about.
Maybe it's your swamp bottom.
I love you buttercup !
I think I found the problem.
09/23/2012 01:23 AMPosted by Buttercup
Well some people do hate me for legit reasons such as I lied to them or I was drunk and was being obnoxious in their vent server

It seems that due to past actions, you have garnered what we like to call in the business a "bad reputation." If you ticked off enough people on such a high population server for this to happen, then there's not much for it. People talk and you can't stop them. By your own admission, what they're saying is true, you just don't like that your past actions are now having a negative effect on your gaming experience. Lay low, think about joining a guild that raids so you don't have to pug, and hopefully learn something from this experience.

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