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I've never built a computer before, but after pricing out good computers online I figured it would be much, much cheaper. -.- Anyway, I'm going to use my tower that I currently have but basically "pimp it out". What exactly should I put in there? I'd need a new processor, video card, etc. Could anyone help me out? I'm lost when it comes to hardware. :/

I want to run WoW smoothly with my settings on high and my various addons not slowing it down.
How old is your PC, and what does it have now? I need to know all the hardware you have in it.

Is the case standard mid-tower?
I want to replace everything it has. It's pretty old. I'd say about 6-7 years maybe. :/ More or less it's a piece of crap and yes the case is standard mid-tower.
I have my monitor plugged up to my laptop right now, so I can't go in and see what all it has.

if it's that old, is it even able to be upgraded? :/

Edit: It's from 2003. xD Even older than I thought, yikes. O.o I put a graphics card in a few years ago so it doesn't have the original, but i'm sure it still sucks now. :)
is it those branded desktops?
i.e. dell/HP/Gateway
I assume case isn't propriety designed cases from Dells and HPs of olde.

In that case...

You will have to replace -everything-, except the case... then might as well as get a new case too. New one you get should have better airflow and space for it.

What is your maximum budget?
If you know almost nothing about building a computer, read this first:
if you're lost when it comes to hardware, why hassle yourself? my advice is to buy a pre-built one online. something reasonably priced, and if something doesn't work, send it back and have them send you another. works out better than having to figure which part is a lemon when something doesn't work. the power supply? motherboard? memory? etc.
if you want the latest and greatest, like sandy bridge, solid state drive (this caused us a nightmare trying to install win 7 but it's lightning fast.), etc., it might not be that easy to install and get it working. the rig ive got now is definitely overpriced. if i had to do it over again, i'd probably go with amd/radeon. affordably priced and nearly as good. excellent budget computer
well...the OP said that it is not within his/her budget to do so at this time, and usually you pay about 75-100 for their labor

if the OP really doesn't want to assemble the computer then the OP can go search for a local comp store that can assemble it but probably for a cheaper price. It is about 40usd for me will be different for the OP.

But first time builders usually take about an hour or two at the max assuming all the parts function.
OP - what's your budget? Also, I agree with Kalg that even though you have a case, if it's a 2003 vintage, you're probably better off getting a new one unless it's a really nice one like a Lian Li or something.
09/23/2012 04:29 AMPosted by Virtus
if you're lost when it comes to hardware, why hassle yourself?

The way you learn about hardware is building. It's not that hard to build, and you'll walk out of it knowing a hundred times more about computer components than you did at the start.
I'd prefer not to pay over $700, I have rent and food that (even though are less important than WoW xP) must be paid for.

I'm going to hassle myself because i don't want to pay stupid amounts of money for something that I can (potentially) do myself, given it may take me a lot of time and reading. I have computer friends whom I can ask if need be, but if I can figure this out it'll save me money in the future on other computers I intend on buying.
I'm not too sure how much I trust strangers to build a working computer. I wouldn't want to be ripped off, nor do I know what's "good". I'm more of a software person... not so much into the hardware. :/

It is a Dell, yes, but I suppose that doesn't matter if I need a new case. :/
You can build a nice machine for $700. It's definitely best to just leave the 2003 Dell alone as an intact machine itself and start from scratch. Do you need a monitor, keyboard/mouse, or a copy of windows?
Kiami, check this guide out:

You can pick out the right parts for your budget.

You can find tons of DIY videos on YouTube on PC building.
I'm not sure which pieces are good though, especially for gaming. That's the only thing I'll be using my desktop for, my laptop and such can be used for music and internet surfing.

I have a new monitor and the other pieces, so all I need is the tower.

I'll take a look at that page, thanks.
There are example builds there too, you can use that as a start.
I'll put a parts list together, but still need to know if you need a copy of Windows (if you don't have win7 64 bit, it's probably worth it, and with a $700 budget you can afford it). Also, if you live in Cali, New Jersey or Tennessee, Newegg charges sales tax, so that would be good to know, pre-parts list.

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