[H] Management of Mayhem recruiting for 7-10

Area 52
MoM is recruiting for our wed/thurs ten man team. We will be raiding in mop at 7 to 10.
The core of our team has been playing together since BC. We have heroic experience and plan to go deep into MoP heroic progression.

Our loot system is GKDP
We are in need of
1 OT
1 DPS prefer melee but will consider range

Feel free to send endgame mail or pst for more info.
Battle tag is Legoships#1388

Apply at http://managemayhem.enjin.com/

For our 10-1 tues/thurs team please contact Phannon in game or apply at the above site
This team raids 9pm-1am
Loot stuff may be different same with raid rules
In need of:
1 Hunter
2 healers
^Bump :)
is the 10-1 tue/thur team still in need of healz?
You would have to ask phannon in game =O
im not 100% sure
also bump

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