MSI Radeon HD 6570 Low Profile

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Will it run on a 220w PSU?
Yes. Don't expect a great performance from this card however.
How would I install it? Is there a guide or something?
Check YouTube for DIY guides. Search for "installing graphics card".
On the Newegg comments, one said this card is running WoW on Ultra at 40-60fps. It was very recent too...
Which card, HD 6570? If so, he's obviously lying / is using an extremely low resolution like 1024x768.
Other comments are also saying it runs Skyrim/Sniper Elite V2/D3/MW3/SC2 on high settings too.
Yea, they are all lying or using very low resolution to do it (assuming HD 6570).
Why would they be lying? :(
Some people do (it's actually not that uncommon to see "fake reviewers"), but I am guessing most of these "I run so and so games at high settings with great FPS" are ALL running low resolution monitor. That's the only way for the HD 6570 to run these games with ultra / high settings with excellent FPS.

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