Looking for Mage/Hunter/Ret 3's

We are looking for a solid 3's partner to work on 2k rating for Season 12. The kind of person we want to have is reliable, plays 4-5 nights a week, or on weekends. Being patient and mature is a must. We don't rage at our crew. Right now we have Disc, UNH DK, Warrior, Resto druid and possibly a hunter/rogue. these are split between 4 people. The last spot we need filled is a dps with either Mage/hunter/ret. We have not spent a lot of time gelling yet but will do so in the upcoming season. Please have a headset with a working mic and Skype. We plan on playing a lot of games so that must be something you enjoy too. A lot is 10-20 a day for us. There may be times we do more depending on how fast the games are. Drop in game mail to Paganswag if you are interested. (horde).

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