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My guild forums say 15%. The question is probably far too advanced for beginner forums...

I was looking for these values as a way to theorycraft for building a BiS list for feral using the loot information provided by wowhead. In the process I figured everyone would be interested in these values so here it is.

•Melee hit/exp cap for level 90 Mists of Pandaria characters is 2550 (7.5%) for raid/level 93 bosses, 2040 (6%) for 5-man heroic/level 92 bosses. The PvP hit/exp cap is 3%, or 1020.

•Dual wield hit cap for level 90 Mists of Pandaria characters is 9180(27%) for raid/level 93 bosses, 8500. (25%) for 5-man heroic/level 92 bosses.

•Spell hit cap for level 90 Mists of Pandaria characters is 5100 (15%) for raid/level 93 bosses, 4080 (12%) for 5-man heroic/level 92 bosses.

•Racials: Draenei get a free 1% hit for all weapons. Certain races get a free 1% expertise for certain weapons.

•The whole odd Expertise/Expertise Rating thing is gone, it works just like Hit now.

•Pets fully inherit your hit/exp ratings and combine them to get their ratings. This means if you have 15% hit and 0% exp (warlocks), a melee pet will still be hit/exp capped.

Remember, these stats are before diminishing returns: See Theck if you want more DR math than your head can handle. The general TLDR idea for tanks is stack avoidance stats for best overall survivability but more RNG; stack offensive stats for more control over your active mitigation but slightly more total damage taken.

85 (1% Gain); 90 (1% Gain); Stat

265.08; 885; Dodge

265.08; 885; Parry

88.36; 295; Block

102.45; 340; Hit/Spell Hit

102.45; 340; Expertise

128.06; 425; Haste

179.28; 600; Crit

179.28; 600; Mastery (but varies for some specs)

322.58; 1259.52; Agility needed for 1% crit

648.91; 2533.66; Intellect needed for 1% crit

243.58; 951.15; Agility needed for 1% dodge (druids/monks), Strength needed for 1% parry (paladin/warrior/DK)

95.22; 310; PvP Resilience

N/A; 265; PvP Power (note: PvPP is half as effective for heals, so 530 for +1% healing done)

•Boss armor at 93: 24835

This is way more exciting than writing an in-depth description of why carbon is a !@#$%.
thank you, looks like it was lowered from 17 to 15 for casters

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