[H] Brothers of the Horde - US Stormrage

Website: http://http://both.guildlaunch.com/
Name: Brothers of the Horde (US - Stormrage)
Guild Style: Casual/Friendly/Variety of pvp and raiding, guild groups, and leveling.
Guild level: 25
Raiding days: Wenesday & Friday
LFraid day: tba
Raiding times: 8PM (EST/Server)
In-game officers: Horris, Stinkycheez, Lydara, Kräzie(Wÿked)
PvP Officers: Bloodyhunts(Bloodydruid), Bavmordaa

General Recruiting: Contact: Lydara
All Classes and roles, Specifically Rdps, Mdps, Heals.

Raid Recruitment: Contact: Irønhørn
We are in need of (But will consider other exceptional players for these roles):

  • Raid Healer with a dps offspec: Druid, Shaman
  • Tank with a dps offspec: Guardian (Bear) Druid
  • Ranged dps: Mage, Warlock, Shadow Priest
  • We are an old guild on this server and desire to push forward into raiding, especially in MoP. By solidifying our team now, we will be ahead. We only will raid a few nights a week, and plan to make the most of that time. With focus and dedication even a casual team can do impressive things. We are looking for members that push their characters to be the best and are willing to improve themselves. We will help, but you have to be willing to help yourself first.
    Thank you for your consideration and we hope to see you soon.

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