Reputations from Previous Expansions

I've read that the developers do not wish to make reputations account-wide because, at some point, you're not really playing your alts. While I strongly disagree, as someone who actually has many max level alts and plays them all, I would like to suggest making reputations from previous expansions account-wide at least.

I think it is fairly common for players to experiment with a different "main" character during various expansions and to grind certain reputations with only that character, because let's face it, grinding reputation can be rather tedious. As a result, reputations gained tend to be spread around on different characters.

If a player is now going for the Exalted or United Nations account-wide achievements, they are actually being penalized for experimenting with more than one character and playing the game more. I don't see any reason not to make the old reputations (which have no material affect on current gameplay) account-wide.

There is nothing appealing or fun about going back to farm old content in isolation just to consolidate reputations onto one toon.
I agree they should be account bound and shared. Perhaps not for the current expansion though.

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