Resto Spell Hit - Spiritual Insight Question

Hi there. Finally decided to try a Shaman, after all these years - and prefer to solo/quest level as Resto spec.

My spell hit stat says 15% on the character display (I am Resto spec), and I realize this is obviously coming from the Spiritual Insight Shaman passive ability - but it also seems to affect every offensive spell (Earth Shock, etc.), since I never miss with any of them.

I am not complaining, but I was wondering why the passive tool-tip say it only affects a few offensive spells, when it clearly seems to affect them all? I hope this isn't a bug, since my preferred solo rotation uses Earth Shock religiously, after the initial Flame Shock.
What are you attacking?
Mobs in my level range usually (yellow ones).
Ya, your fine. You will never miss. Specially since you went Draenei!
Tooltips across all the classes are not 100% right now. They will get updated after everything calms down in a couple of weeks.

Also i leveled up as resto years ago and all i have to say is i would never, ever, ever do that again. Would suggest leveling as elemental unless you are just killing time. Once you get to outlands/northreand, cata it will be very painful to kill things.

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