Disc Priests Definitely Need Survivability

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Disclaimer: This thread is about PvP arena.

I made a short clip to show what the damage is like:

I realized we no longer have the passive talent "Focused Will" (http://www.wowwiki.com/Focused_Will). This talent was improved in Cataclysm to help with Discipline Priest's survivability. I'm not sure if it was forgotten or just straight removed for no reason, but priests definitely need more survivability.

You might say this will improve at lvl 90, but really if you look at our cool downs, they are no where near as good as other healers. A shaman for example has Nature's Swiftness, Spirit Link Totem, and Healing Tide, which are some of the most powerful abilities in the game.

All of our major healing cool downs have been removed. Divine Hymn removed for Disc priests, and Desperate prayer is most likely to be replaced by Spectral Guise by most priests.

What priests need right now is Focused Will again and more healing cool downs. Perhaps Desperate Prayer can be baseline. The removal of Divine Hymn for disc priests is also one of the biggest upsets in the history priests.

Another thing to mention is our mana. Our Rapture ability is really badly designed. Even if we stack 10,000 spirit, it still won't give back enough mana to outweigh the cost of a shield.

Please do some class balance...
Ah yes - the Disc Priest: the only person who would complain that Disc is too EASY to kill.
Agreed with the first post. Disc priests blow at 90. Please fix blizzard. I don't want another season 9 where i am forced to play holy in order to heal in pvp....
This (healing priests being terrible) has happened in the first season of wrath and cata and looks set to happen again. If it's going live in this horrible state (already way too late to stop that) at least consider reviewing this quickly.
Zelyx is 100% correct, disc priests are very weak compared to other healers currently. Mana is one of the biggest problems i see currently though. As well as pretty much only having 2 prime glyphs because your forced to use the SW: Death glyph to avoid CC ( which most of it is instant now anyways).
That video does not address mana issues at all.

All is shows is a guys getting trained using cooldowns and doing just fine with the heat he is taking.

The next set of frames just shows you a player dying doing nothing.

SURGE OF LIGHT PROCS - learn the new style - forget your old comps.

You must re-learn all that you have learned.

Your video is biased and worthless in an argument.
Voicing my support for my fellow priests.

Shadowy Guise feels like a clunky defensive cooldown given that dots on you can randomly break it.

Another problem is glyph of purge shamans will take in pvp, which is a big blow to disc priests.

I don't think rapture is the problem, it still provides a decent incentive for wisely using power word shields. The main issue is the priest regen/mana budget as a whole. Our heals at 90 simply cost too much and/or don't heal for enough compared to other healers.
Voicing my support. I started playing in Wrath and I truly miss playing aggressive RMP. S9 was painful for discs and I don't want a repeat.

I also would like to note that one of the easiest changes revolves in the glyphs. Honestly, when you look at the glyphs outside of SW:D, Desperation and Inner Focus, I think the choices are really cool. Penance mobility, life grip freedom, armor buffs, fear stand still w/out cd loss, md, pom, all REALLY cool. If the SW:D were minor/baseline as well as Desperation I could see a lot of situational and cool.

I understand getting rid of mana burn from a balance point, but forcing skills like holy nova to be major glyphs is a very poor idea to me. Although I find balance to be very important as I play lots of arena, I couldn't help but log on and wonder where some of my favorite spells went. When I look at some classes that got all kinds of new spells or cds, I feel left out. Fade isn't new, shadowfiend is replaced, I can get a nerfed MC or a OP new pet (but lose MC :[), a stealth but lose Desperate prayer.

Basically I feel like I lost more than I got, and in some ways, I can get old spells but they aren't as good. Or spells like holy nova, but I have to sac NECESSARY glyphs to get them, while my minor glyphs are purely ascetic.

tl;dr: losing spells was no fun, no choices to all three major glyphs, and a lot of talenting/glyphing for past abilities or nerfed spells. It shouldn't be just about balance, its also about fun -.-
I'm going to say I agree that Disc is now hurting for CD's, survivability and heals. Bring back Desperate Prayer as baseline as a minimum and Divine Hymn at least as a talent.
That video does not address mana issues at all.

All is shows is a guys getting trained using cooldowns and doing just fine with the heat he is taking.

The next set of frames just shows you a player dying doing nothing.

SURGE OF LIGHT PROCS - learn the new style - forget your old comps.

You must re-learn all that you have learned.

Your video is biased and worthless in an argument.

Wow I'm being taught by a 1500 rated player. I should go learn the new style of rng

The video is meant to show the damage taken and damage only. You shouldn't be at 20% hp with all your cds, and the last vid shows how 1 interrupt (your statement of "doing nothing") can kill someone from 100% to 0% in a matter of a second. If that seems right to you, I don't know what game you are playing, no matter how unaware you are of the game.
You died because you did not have renew up... noob.

Renew saves lives.

Nightmare season inc. Going shadow...
Really feels like all the fun buttons are gone now. No manna burn, Mind controls, mass dispells, swd polly's ect. Not really sure what utility I bring to rbg's now other then being the squishy healer targeted first. Seems like a snooozer season for priest.
i think blizzard wants priests who play disc for pvp to swap to holy in mop. holy was hardly played at all for pvp in all of wotlk and cataclsym.

i agree that disc has mana issues so i've given holy a try and is loving it for pvp.

to help with the mana issue it's mandatory for you to pick up mindbender and power infusion otherwise you will eat up your mana in less than 2 minutes.

don't know why we don't have focus will anymore but it was our signature talent for pvp however i think blizzard wants us to get our damage reduction from glyphs like inner fire (increased armor) , inner sanctum (spell damage mitigation) and fade (damage mitigation) but to do so you're sacrificing healing potencies such as glyph of mending and renew and we need a 2 spots for glyph of desperation and inner focus for interrupts and silences.

mop has made it even harder for disc players to enjoy due to the cryings that disc priest was OP in cataclysm and wotlk.

tbh the only healing spec with mana issues atm to add in spirit shell where u have to spam flash heals prayer of healing on your self and allies will just kill our mana even quicker. i like the spell but mana usage isn't practical especially when they nerfed shield cooldowns to drop after 15 secs and powershield being so expensive to cast in cataclysm that giving us spirit shell to cast flash heals with no mana reduction as an ability doesn't help at all in pvp.
i go oom healing the flag carrier and myself in less than 2 minutes and fiend or hymn doesn't make up the mana oh and if you pick up divine insight which give you a 40% chance to cast another powerword shield from penance is another mana disaster waiting to happen. please fix disc and give us back focus will and tone down mana cost please.

i currently love holy for pvp ( great survival compared to disc and the healing is 2nd to resto druids provided you get your stats gems and reforges right lol.
I love all of these trash scrubs talking trash to Zelyx (rank 1 gladiator last season btw), sure, at your terrible ratings you won't see a problem but playing at a top competitive level priests are awful.

We lost many major abilities and require glyphs for those same abilities, we're basically left with half a class that doesn't even heal for as much as any of the other healers. Priests are in an awful state and if you can't see that you aren't playing at a high enough level to realize the issues.

I'm not buying MOP until this garbage is fixed, I played 5.0 patch to see how priests were and I couldn't stand the changes (I'm a 4 time glad myself) and from what I've heard the state of priests is no better at 90 with baseline gear.
I'll be leveling my druid immediatly following this character's ding to 90.

I'll raid on my priest and pvp on my druid (until we get some fun buttons).
Yup, we need Focused Will back. I suppose Void Shift is another "defensive cooldown", though it probably won't change much anyway.

And to Glaius, those glyphs won't do anything - disc priests pretty much have 0 choice in glyphs in arena (Desperation, Inner Focus, Shadow Word: Death). If a priest doesn't take those 3 glyphs, things will probably be much worse lol.

They should probably just make some of the defensive glyphs baseline, or make any (maybe even all 3) of the three glyphs I mentioned above baseline as well, so we can actually choose defensive glyphs.
Bleh. I'm just not ready for another season where it takes everything I can frantically do just to stay alive vs one melee.

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