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What has everyone been choosing for their speed boost talent? Ive been using Pursuit of Justice more, but is it better to have Long Arm of the Law or Speed of Light?
PoJ is good for a constant run speed increase. Plus you almost always come out with 2 or more Holy power after each fight.

LAotL gives more overall speed (45% vs 30%) than PoJ but you wont have 100% uptime. You might also need to move AFTER you judge which can be a bother.

SoL is the fastest speed increase. But it also has the lowest uptime. But when you need to move and MOVE fast its the talent you want.

The best talent depends on the situation. I prefer the constant run speed increase so i go PoJ.
For Prot, Pursuit of Justice. The constant speed increase feels more useful to me.

For Ret, Long Arm, mostly because I miss having the sprint without it. Plus I don't move quite as much as I do as Prot.
Yeah, for me itll come down to either PoJ or Long arm, I like the speed boost more accessible. 45% from Long Arm is greater then the 3 charge Holy Power PoJ at 30% but Long Arm fades before you can judge again.
I typically run PoJ, but I'll swap to LAotL for fights like Ragnaros or Madness where I need to move quickly for a target swap or to avoid some kind of mechanic and there isn't much movement otherwise.
I go with SoL. I like being able to move fast and on command. Tanks in trouble & i'm falling behind? SoL & catch up in half the time. I tried using LAotL for awhile, but in the end didn't like it even on ret anymore. So SoL on every spec for me.
SoL is good for catching mages.
I would say the choice is almost universally going to be between PoJ and SoL. SoL for specific fight mechanics that line up well with it. (I haven't gotten to test it, but from the videos I've seen this could be great for sha of fear)

If there is no specific fight mechanic like that, PoJ is general winner. Even if it's max speed is 15% less than long arm, you're always guarrenteed a 100% uptime on 15% speed, and generally have a little more. Long arm goes from 45% to 0% and has about a 50% uptime.

In addition, many abilities in our arsenal grant us the boost, including 2 ranged attacks compared to only judge giving long arm. Because of the way PoJ works, you never really have to sacrifice your rotation to take advantage of the speed boost effect, where with long arm you have to make sure you have judge up when you need to run. (also long arm doesn't work if you have nothing to attack like if the boss goes immune during a phase.) Sure you could save up HP for PoJ, but in any situation where you're going to need to run NOW, you'd be better off with SoL.
Speed of light struck me as mostly the PvP speed boost (when we need to counter being kited to no end) LaotL, I tried it did not really work for me even as ret, so switched to PoJ which I use in my prot spec as well.
I dont see speed of light being a bad pve talent. The Cd is 45 seconds and you gain a HUGE amount of speed.

You dont have to move that much in pve and when you do the faster you move the better.

I still prefer the consistency of PoJ though....plus using that us prot pallies can use a sha armor kit on our boots giving us 150stamina and saving us gold!
I love Speed of Light for my PvE build, but I can see where it may be usless in certain PvP situations. I mean, in all honesty, you have to outweigh the good and the bad when it comes to that. In my opinion, you should just play with your build and see what YOU like, what works best for YOU.
I run Pursuit of Justice as holy, Long arm of the law as Prot/Ret(solo), and Speed of Light as Ret(group).
As prot (and ret) I enjoy having the constant 15% speed boost of PoJ, the extra 5-15% is just icing on the cupcake! Yeah, I'm a cupcake guy.
Long Arm of the Law + my Engineering sprint

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