WoW Mobile Armory Crashes on iOS6

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So I got the new iPhone today (yay!). The Wow Armory seems to crash everytime I try to respond to a whisper. Also, I keep getting old whispers from the past that I've since cleared. Tried this on LTE and WiFi. This also happens on the iTouch as well. Reinstalling yielded the same results.

Anyone else having this problem?
I thought about Inserting a creative android pun here but samsung did that well enough for us all tricking iphone users.

Given that IOS6 has been available for less than a week the likelihood that the armory app isn't designed for it is high. expect bugs and other software problems.

High rated quote from that youtube video's user comments.

Apple is not quality,it has a face of quality but its far from it.

Ive sold IT for over 10 years, and Trust me Apple is overpriced and not quality when compared to other competitor products. The Apple logo makes the item in question 30-40% more costly then it should cost.

And that my friends, shows how dumb Apple customers are.

Best of luck with your new phone regardless.
Yes, it crashes for me in anything related to chat. Also often loses connection.
I'm having the same issues. Lots of crashing.
It's also crashing on my Android phone. Updated to the latest version of the armory and it's still crashing, timing out, etc. Perhaps the armory app hasn't been updated fully to support 85+ characters and pandaren?

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