"target current talker" does what?

UI and Macro
found the option in blizz standard keybindings. I bound a key to it and tried it in a party, solo, and standing in stormwind auction house....nothing happened.

any info on this ability?
Looks like voicechat stuff. From the Bindings.xml file:

<Binding name="TARGETTALKER">
if ( #VOICECHAT_TALKERS > 0 ) then
thank you so much for the reply, Ro.

I guess i won't have much use for this option, then, since I have hardly ever* used voice chat. I tried it in a few bg's when it first opened, and it was fairly low quality.

* edited
I forgot about the voice chat feature... Let's see what wired.com had to say about it in 2007. :p

And even I have to admit, voice chat will eventually allow for some awesome tricks. Imagine logging into World of Warcraft, realizing one of your friends isn't there -- and being able to call them on their real-world mobile phone.

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