Song Writing Challenge!

Moon Guard
Ommmmmg that is heart-wrenching. Well played.
Any. Need to flex my writing muscle
That was fun... I should do that more.
Hey, no bumps?

For Maarcus:

For Jarkere:

For Dusk if he wants another:

Considering writing up one for the song suggested for me.
09/23/2012 06:39 PMPosted by Convallaria
For Dusk if he wants another:

Most definitely! I enjoy writing...and a lot of times I write to songs. (I've a Werewolf the Apocalypse scene Written to "Whispers in the Dark," for example.) The challenge here for me is in the length. I'm a windbag so trying to cram all of the emotion i want into two paragraphs is...a challenge.

But, without further ado..Here's my second one, based on my character Alexis....a former Scarlet, now a drunk and a brawler.


No matter how she thrashed, she couldn't escape. It was an endless riptide of emotion and sensory information. Blood...screams...the dying, the dead, the damned...and her. In the middle of it all..her, scarlet armor never showing just how much blood she was soaked in...and there SHE was, begging and crying for the scarlet butcher to let her be, eye still carrying the hint of lavender in undeath.

Alex sat bolt upright, choking and gasping for air, resisting the urge to vomit. In the end, she groped for her flask of rot-gut, forced herself to retain human shape, and drank....eyes focused on the accusing lavender eyed ghost only she could see.


Final word count: 109 words.
Also, I'm totally plugging this thread to my guildies. (And you have some amazing song choices, btw.)
Hit me. I ain't 'fraid of nothin.

Hit me. I ain't 'fraid of nothin.

Also I guess I could try my own.
I'll do one.

I like alt metal, alt rock, electro/dubstep. Prefer something from one of the first two for this, I'd say.

Here ya go Lommy. Try some Disturbed on for size.
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Here ya go Lommy. Try some Disturbed on for size.
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Hm, this'll be interesting...

He staggered, beaten, the figure standing over him. He couldn't look up, but he had to keep going. He wouldn't be tossed aside like the rest. He was better. He would server where others had failed. The female figure proded him.


He got up, rune-weapon in hand, and with a suddenly renewed vigor, charged and struck down the other Worgen in front of him, pleading. He hadn't wanted to, he felt a bond... but his bindings were stronger and had not been broken. He stood over the corpse with a feral grin, cold eyes gleaming.

Word total: 108 words
Nice. Also, I'll take another. This is a great thread.

Here, try some Three Days Grace.

Here, try some Three Days Grace.

Oh....Thats perfect for one of my NPC badguys. Saria Shadowsoul is one seriously crazed up fruit loop of a shadow priestess. Very sick and twisted puppy.

100 words even.


Shadows throbbed with a heartbeat all their own, the dark goddess staring at the female before her. “Don't run, pet...” she purred. “Let me in...I can grant you all you desire...” At the same time the abyss of her mind stabbed into the other's, exploiting weakness, and touching off every pleasure and pain center all at once.

Dark lips curled into a victorious smile as her victim cried out in pleasure and pain, the two bleeding together into delicious agony that the Saria fed on, panting in glee.. “Mistress...” came the defeated whimper.

The smile widened. Victory.

Hm, I'd be glad to do another... This is fun.
:D!!! You guys, these are so good omg.

I would also like a song if anyone can think of one. Will totally go find some songs for everyone else if no one else steps up.
Hmmm....I could root for a song for you...did you post your preferred genres?
09/24/2012 06:37 PMPosted by Duskhowl
Hmmm....I could root for a song for you...did you post your preferred genres?

I'm pretty good with anything, the indier the better! :D

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