Song Writing Challenge!

Moon Guard

Also I guess I could try my own.

He saw their faces again and again, more contorted with each spin, each revolution. They stared back at the turning figure in every state: shock, anger, laughter, sleep, and blank-eyed listlessness. Each turn a new face under the old skin, memories that had never been. It was a kaleidoscope of emotion, wondrous but inherently fake--it inspired the kind of awe only a toy could bring.

At first his movement was breakneck, a spin at maximum speed in every axial direction he could and couldn't think of. But soon he righted himself, eyes pointed directly at hers. He dove in.
100. Gottem.

And here's your piece, Malere:
I woke. Dripped in cold sweat, ripped from my sleep, I woke violently.
The steel mattress creaked as I jolted. The sound was foreign--the sound that woke me.
It was strange.

Yet familiar. I couldn't rememb--


It came again. The phone? It's been years.
Or has it just been months?
The phones were supposed to be d--


I had to know. I went downstairs.

The wallpaper in the house was ripped; stained.
It wasn't my first choice to hide. There was nowhere le--

I stopped. Two men stood in front of me.
They were ragged, like us all. One held a box; a speaker?
The other held a gun.

"Oh Go--"

The gun fired. i'm drawing a blank on what to throw you, to be honest. I'm not good with indie music.

*sheepish* Sorry.

I will bump the thread and dangle my claws for another song though. :}

For Duskhowl. Still hoping for another myself. This was a great idea, don't want it to go.
Somebody give me one. My drabbles are exactly 101 words, because I secretly wish I was Brendan Adkins:

edit: herp. Music I like … Brian Eno, Nine Inch Nails, Godspeed You! Black Emperor (and side-projects!), The Magnetic Fields (and side-projects) … etc.
Since I couldn't find my favorite song from the alblum that was a studio version, I'll give this one instead, which I also like.
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Dibs! Although I just started leveling my mage, so it'll be later tonight that I get to it.
I think I'd like one. I'll get it done tonight if I can stay awake. Tired but not feeling like going to bed atm. I'm into just about anything classical, especially piano and cello. Alt rock's nice. Been enjoying some electronica as of late.
One more.
Double posting here.

Mumford and Sons - Not With Haste
Yay! Excited to read all of your excellent works. Someone should totes give me a song too.
I'm sorry, Cythe. I looked for a couple of hours, and came up blank. Can someone else give the lady a song that fits her genre of preference? <3 if you do!

On the other hand...


For Duskhowl. Still hoping for another myself. This was a great idea, don't want it to go.

Thanks Lommy. You sure know how to get me to channel Alex.

Here it is, 109 words.


How long she'd traveled was unknown. Her body and soul broken, she reached with one brawny arm to heave herself over the lip of the goat trail. Her leg burned...the bone broken, but she staggered. She had to get home. To prove what she'd seen was fake...that such a cruel joke was unimaginable under any god that would hear her.

It was not to be, decried the universe. Her eyes found the broken house. The grave, yawning and empty, with some wolf-man clawing at the earth. She howled a warcry, charging forward with stolen weapons—though whether she fought to slay the wolf or her own demons...not even she knew.

Thanks for trying, Dusk! Your drabble is so intriguing!
Intriguing? Mind if I ask why?
It sounds like the middle of a very cool story is why! Who is this person, why is she so BA? INTRIGUE!
Lol, believe it or not, its a moment in time from the backstory of this character I have that no one wants to ever risk RPing with. Serves me right for doing a character that is an ex-scarlet crusader that isnt a mouth frothing, racist zealot, and trying to go instead with a person filled with a lot of hurt, and grief, and bitterness. Ya know, like most of the poor people who survived lordaeron.

But, silly meee....people automatically assume scarlet crusade gear and tabard = bad RPer. Pity. Although she did get into a fistfight once with Locath. She'd've won too, if the jerk hadn't pulled out a gun and shot her. She's still bitter about that.

And I'm always up for more. Writing these drabbles is taking some of the monotony out of writing up the FAQs for my Guild's Website. :}
Whispers in the Dark - Mumford and Sons


Babel - Mumford and Sons
Who's that directed at, Tronei? Not very specific.
Just leaving suggestions for songs for people to do.
Ah. I was under the impression we were supposed to offer them to specific folks based on their music genre of preference.

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