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I was leveling a new alt the other night in old stratholme the service enterance. once i defeated the last boss i notice the closed iron gate in the corner open , and walked down the way and came across a second iron gate with a green raid portal inside the instance , i remeber doing this time and time agian in vanilla wondering what are they doing with this raid, if it will ever open. i think now is the perfect time to finaally open this long awaited raid sence SM and the sarlet crusade got its revamp in mop. anyone agreee. link to portal is in the screen shot so you all know what im talking about.

p.s trash my grammer all you kids want will just show how immautre you ppl really are . cause i was just ask a simple question.
I believe that was the original entrance to naxxramas.
Ya, it was originally the entrance to nax, if you gitched through it, it gave you some error that stated Naxramus in the string.

The idea in beta was to have raids inside instances, MC, BWL, and this pre-emptive entrance to Nax are all examples, but with the attunements and quick teleports, Blizzard realized how insane it was to have a run back through BRD, UBRS or Stratholme required on every wipe, not to mention they limited instances to 10/15(Blackrock Spire) in live.

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