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Hello Wyrmrest. Warsong Legacy is looking to pick up a few more members for Mists. Specifically we'd like some raiders skilled enough to fill in for our main group on occasion, but otherwise run once a week on Friday. We could also use more 2k and up experienced arena junkies; we're close to being able to support a regular RBG team but would be able to round out a roster with say a healer and two more dps. As always, we will consider exceptional players of any class for our main raid.

The heart of our team comes from Top 10 guilds. While we may have left behind our old hardcore guilds, we still maintain the same performance standards. If you miss that professional atmosphere, but enjoy WrA's entertainment value, you'll probably like it around here. Send any questions to Hezel via whisper or ingame mail. You may apply at warsonglegacy.com.

Raid schedule:

Wed 5:30-9:00 (Main raid)
Thurs 6:30-9:00 (Main raid)
We will occasionally have a makeup night on either Sunday or Monday from 6:30-9.
Fri 5:00-8:00 (Group 2)

Current recruiting needs:

-High-parsing DPS (prefer ranged, but rogue or UNH/FR Dk would be acceptable)
-Reliable OT (any class)

For Friday group:

-Priest/Hpal/Monk healer
-Monk/Druid tank
Still looking
Yeah, probably.
A death knight farming crops makes no sense. Everything I touch dies.

Also, looking for more.
Juicycrunch Carrots bump.
DDOSing runs rampant
elegon tonight, will tomorrow
agi mail blergh
need another healer for friday group, mail me ingame or reply here, ty
My tanking weapon, it is hilarious
also bump for people

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