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As a warlock doing dungeons, is it better to dot up a single target and wait till they are dead and repeat, or dot up multiple targets and make sure the dots stay up?

Also at my low lvl what is the better drain to use, once dots are applied?
When I run low level dungeons on my Lock, I would hit each mob in a trash pack with a Corruption, and then help single target the pack down with my group.

In later levels I might add Unstable Affliction to the Corruption.

As for the Drains, I would keep with Soul Drain. It will top up any Soul Shards you use with Haunt, once you add that spell to your rotation.

Be sure to check out for some additional helpful tips. Although it is aimed towards endgame content, it should give you an idea on what to look for never-the-less.
thanks for the reply!

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