New Paladin Races

09/23/2012 01:51 PMPosted by Khalad

Flock goblins...

I don't like goblins.

funny, I feel the same towards blood elfs.

Good, then go kill as many as you please.

I can't kill the goblins.
Daily undead paladin thread?

Self-flagellation was common among the pious in various religions. The idea was that it purified the mind and body. A form of discipline by the truly zealous, it was thought to function as a means of penance or bringing oneself closer to god. Definitely, not for the feint of heart, but it was not rare to see a holy man whipping himself for whatever reason.

Therefore, the idea that undead paladins would always be in extreme pain sort of fits the type of zealotry required to even be an undead paladin. They would be an elite order of the truly clean. The light's chosen. Every moment of pain would reaffirm their dedication to their order. To be in that moment, when they called upon the light, and feel the surge of holy power infusing their limbs with its glory. Feeling the intense burn of righteousness, their nerves screaming in adulation, a cacophony of pain and pleasure - leading to a moment of quiescence as their fervor raises their consciousness above all mortal expressions of sensation. No more pain. No more feeling at all. Just exaltation.

Yes, when their work was done; they would come down from their rapture and feel their weakness again. But to be in that moment. To be that beam of light. To be suffused with the flames of justice and piety, makes it worth it. Death is not the end of a paladin. It is what separates the truly pious from their brethren. Are you strong enough to wield the light in the darkness?
Daily Undead Paladins are a terrible idea thread you mean.
Oh god, gnome druid kitty form would be beyond adorable <3333!
Worgen nothing more nothing puntable.

Even before class changes were announced, I had questioned why the undead (Forsaken) can’t be paladins. Many of the bravest paladins fell to the Lich King and thus could be reborn as a Forsaken. Though the light may have left these people for a short time, I don’t think it would be too big of a leap to suggest that they could find the light again.

And then the Light will course through them, burning them up, which such a person probably intended anyway - These are not to sort of people who would be choosing to return as undead.

- Sir Zeliek, a member of The Four Horseman, was a paladin in life and still commands the power of the light in his undeath. From WoWWiki, “According to Commander Eligor Dawnbringer‘s lecture in Wintergarde Keep, Zeliek is, “so strong in his faith, that even in undeath, the power of the light still heeds his call, smiting his foes in battle.” Now explain to me why there aren’t some Forsaken paladins out there for me.
Because player characters are not super-special snowflakes in an MMO.
09/23/2012 04:46 PMPosted by Amaryllís
I love my Belf Paladin, but I would so love to actually have a horde paladin racial that wasn't just stun or silence... maybe something dps oriented like every alliance paladin race has?
I don't think an Expertise bonus in a type of weapon that more often than not is not what you have (and even Humans with both sword and mace expertise get this, because Blizzard loves axes and Orcs) really counts. Content yourself with a really good PvP racial that is also the best healer mp5 racial in the game.

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