LF Frozen Runes, paying extremely well

As the title says, I am looking for some people who still have one or two, or maybe even more of those frozen runes squirreled away in their banks. For anyone that doesn't know, they were drops in the old Naxx 40, and were used for the blacksmithing recipes. I am looking for some people who have been holding onto them for a long time.

Feel free to message or mail me in game, I am paying a very large premium for these. I need a total of 5, but will buy any smaller amounts. Will do it one by one. If you know anyone on this, or another server also please feel free to let me know. This is ultimately a quest to make a pair of icebane gauntlets
I have several of these (more than 5.) I am happy to discuss prices with you. Please just catch me in game or mail me with an offer :)
I have somewhere in the range of 60-80 of those. I'm curious on your price, but I will say it would have to be EXTREMELY well to get me to part with any item that is no longer existant in the game.

I imagine they're proving terribly difficult to come by for you. Since really only players who would have lead 40-man Naxx guilds in some fashion would likely have ever had their hands on them.

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