WTF is a sammoflange?

I was looking into different one-handed swords for transmogs and at some point someone suggested a "Ligest" for tanking paladins since we can't use the Warglaive of Azzinoth, so it seems to be a weapon. Here's the thread:

Then in another thread a couple months ago death knight wants to know if they can wear a ligest, and another user replies that they are able to. Thread:

These are the only two mentions I can find of this thing. It's not on Wowhead, nor anywhere else that Google can find.

So WTF is a Ligest?
From what I can tell, that forum is for a private server. The item(s?) in question are probably specific to that private server.

(And, since private servers are a big no-no, you should probably remove those links.)
They're talking about a private modded game.
Ah, I assumed they were talking about vanilla. Nevermind then.

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