[A] <Legion of Exiles> recruiting for 10m!

Greetings Proudmoorians!

<Legion of Exiles> is a semi-casual raiding guild looking to add a few more raiders to our roster. We are currently looking for more people to complete our core 10m raid team.

-Holy Paladin with Ret OS/Resto Druid with Feral/Boomkin OS

We plan to start raiding again October 19, to allow members to level up and enjoy the content. We will be doing Friday and Saturday nights, around 6:30 to 9:30 server time, give or take 30 minutes.

Most of our current raid group has been together for roughly a year now. We started back in Firelands(2/7H) and continued through to Dragon Soul, where we downed 3/8H in March with the 10% debuff. Soon after, our raid decided to take a break until Mists of Pandaria.

We are a fairly casual group overall. The main goal of our raid is to have fun-- laughter is very common in our group. However, we do plan to progress and work on Heroic raids when we can. So this means we're looking for great players with a great personality. We will be expecting raiders to put in reasonable effort into their class and to be prepared for raids. There will be role leaders that will further help all of our raiders as well, so being open to constructive criticism is a huge plus! Applicants with prior raid experience will be preferred.

If you're interested, please contact myself on Ren or Dagrin, or leave a message here!

Spriest/boomkin slot filled!
Bump! Still looking for the healer and DPS positions, pewpew!
Need to fill healer slot now! Warlock and mage spot filled.
Still in desperate need of holy paladin with DPS offspec!
Still looking for holy pal with ret OS or holy priest with shadow OS!
Cmon healers! Need a holy pal/resto druid stilll. :D

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