The Legend of Crithto ((Open RP of sorts.))

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((After witnessing a raid group take down Crithto in the Stormwind Keep, I cant help but make a little story about him... while, I'm at it I should probably mention this is a bit of a fan fiction but couldn't hurt to make an RP out of it. I also wasn't sure where to put this you all to enjoy.))

A lone night elf sits in at a table in the Blue Recluse Inn, sharpening her daggers with both her feet on the table, she glances at the newcomers and flashes them a grin. "Ishnu-ala adventurers, Saiaka Shadowsong, at your service." she bows her head politely. "Allow me to indulge you all with a tale. I have many to tell, but this one in particular might interest you. Have you seen the little pug that roams the Stormwind Keep Gardens? Believe it or not, he has his own tale... I like to call it the Legend of Crithto. So, pull up a chair, grab a mug of ale, and relax."

"Our story begins with a small pug named, Crithto. He was a simple pug, roaming the streets of Stormwind, without a care in the world, urinating on trees, to being petted by the school children. But one day all that would change..."

"On a fateful day, Crithto was digging a hole to bury his bone in, until uncovering a strange stone that glowed with a red hue. Needless to say the little pug thought nothing of it and picked it up with his mouth to replace with his bone. But something changed about him, the pug buried the stone in yet another hole and returned to roaming the streets of Stormwind yet again..."

"While roaming the streets Crithto came across a thief trying to steal from a woman, as if he had done this his whole life, Crithto lunged at the thief, knocking him to the ground with strength he didnt know he possessed! The woman shouted for the guards, and sure enough they came and hauled the thief away. Crithto was awarded some praise and a scratch behind his ears, and made his way home for a nap."

"The next day little Crithto was doing his daily walks, until he suddenly started to hover off the ground, startled, the little pug yelped and hovered even further off the ground, after a few minutes of barking, he gained balance and was quickly adapting, he could now fly. Deciding to test this further, he flew high into the skies, looking down at the city--"

"What? Do you think I'm lying? This is a story after all, you shouldn't complain! Now, where was I before being rudely interrupted? Ah, yes..."

"Something didn't settle with Crithto quite right, he looked around and spotted a Forsaken spy trying to enter the city from the shadows. Knowing he was the enemy, (Obviously) he charged down from the skies and tackled the Forsaken knocking him on his bony back. Said Forsaken stood up and drew a dagger, knowing he could not fail the Dark Lady. Crithto's reflexes stepped in and he hovered off the ground and kicked the dagger out of the Forsaken's hand, disarming him. Crithto lunged foward and bit his leg, gnawing it for a moment before running toward the guard's barracks, dragging the poor Forsaken while doing so!"

"Crithto's actions did not go unnoticed, the king himself recognized his actions and gave him a royal bone for him to keep. Though mind you it just any other normal bone... but nevertheless! He was a hero!"

"That is all I have for you, but surely his deeds will grow and he will be known throughout Azeroth! Do not believe me? Well, I didn't say this was based on a true story! Believe what you will, but who knows? Perhaps it is true, perhaps its not."

Saiaka Shadowsong eyes the ale you may or may not be drinking. "I'm not going to pay for that."
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