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I have a brand now rMBP and I have a few questions.

1) My fans never came on using my old MBP, but on my rMBP the fans come on once I enter game. Is this normal?

2) What should my CPU% under Activity Monitor be? While in game I'm at 110% CPU or above.

3) No matter what resolution I select I get the same FPS. Is this a bug?

Am I doing something wrong? Why does the fan come on even at the lowest settings? Why is my FPS not going above about 45 even with low settings?

I have no addon's loaded either.
What display modes are you running the game in? (Windowed, Fullscreen, Windowed-Fullscreen)

Your CPU % will vary depending where you are at and how much action you are seeing. If your at the login screen, then no, this is high (this was fixed in a previous patch). If you're in a major city like SW/Org, then it is typical. This can also happen in dungeons and raids when you have a lot of stuff happening.

As far as your FPS, this may be limited due to vsync or your FPS being limited in the System>Advanced settings.
FYI I'd be very careful. I've been playing solidly for the last two weeks on my rMBP (512gb SSD, 16gb RAM) with the settings only at "Fair" or whatever it is only one up from the lowest.

Over the last 24 hours I saw my frame rates drop dramatically (to between 10-20, when max should be between 100-140); enough to affect gameplay. I did some resets of the SMC and pRAM, neither of which helped. I then started running benchmarks using Cinebench and while my CPU was ok, my GPU was operating at 25% normal speed (14 fps in test vs benchmark of 40+.

Took it by the Genius Bar today and they agreed something is wrong. They're keeping it overnight to run some extensive testing on the GPU but it looks like its been damaged, though remains partially functioning.

I'll report back tomorrow with more on what the results are. In the meantime, I'm bummed I can't pay MoP on launch day now :(

TL;DR - be very careful, WoW has apparently burned up my GPU. Play with graphics on their lowest settings, elevate machine!
09/24/2012 11:20 PMPosted by Crassus
Over the last 24 hours I saw my frame rates drop dramatically (to between 10-20, when max should be between 100-140)

Your FPS is 100-140? You should limit your FPS to prevent the machine from trying to always reach that and working harder. I always limit my FPS to 30/45/60, depending on which machine I'm on.
Had the same thing happen to me today even though I had all my settings on fair and fps limit set to 60. Everything was running fine, average 57fps in mop then came back from class and can't get above 20fps. I don't believe it to be damage since it wasn't taxing my system that much and I've used it to play d3 sc2 with no problems. I think it's just a problem with the rMBP (I have 2.6ghz, 16gb ram).

Edit: Just tried playing sc2, same thing. Now I'm worried that it could be damaged.

Edit: Resetting SMC seemed to fix it.

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