Area 52 community bonding time!

Area 52
Sup server mates?

With the advent and continual use if cross server stuff, many feel that server community is dead. Well that never stopped Sylvannas from jump starting a few zombies, why not us?

So what do you all plan to do for the expansion drop? Grinding to 90? Starting a panda? Going to any launch event parties? I myself well be gearing up to heal mop raids and desperately trying to pug DS on my rogue for legend-Derpy daggers.
So, I started to level.... then I got distracted with Pokemon. >.<
Grinding when I can log back on.. annoyed that I had to help my Grandparents with yard work today that could have waited a week or two :P oh well they pay me money for it so it's aight.

What isn't aight is the hour queue to get into A52...
Going to level some more once I get home!
So some of us on A52 still know how to "bond?" :P

I was going to level some of my 85s but the competition for kills/quests annoys me (and people don't even want to group) so I rolled a little panda. Though the start zone was full of people, it wasn't as bad to get quests done as it was in Jade Forest.

Some people, however, haven't gotten any sleep; they made it to 90 already. I wonder if they even saw all this gorgeous content that the people at Blizz made for us. In a way, I'm glad I will have to wait to comfortably get to 90 because I don't want to rush. I want to admire the landscape, actually read quests & stories -- you know become all "one with nature and zen-etc."
We'll have plenty of time for bonding with these queue times.
i like long walks on the beach......... in my mankini and sandals.......

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