The Howling Wolf Tavern (( Open Tavern RP ))

World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
[i] In the continent of Northrend, in Crystalsong Forest, at the city of Dalaran, a newly constructed building sits near the middle of it. A glowing light blue sign above the wooden door reads, "The Howling Wolf Tavern". A piece of parchment stabbed into the door by a sharp, thin bladed dagger also reads, "Theres only one rule here! No fighting! Yes, as much as you may want to rip the head off that guy next to you, DON'T, unless you want YOU'RE HEAD RIPPED OFF TOO!"

Inside the tavern, you will find a large amount of tables and chairs around the room, and a few at the counter, where a blonde haired female Sin'dorei (Blood Elf) named Kylene wearing a thin crimson dress absently cleans it with a wet cloth. She occasionally picks up a glass on the counter and cleans it as well.

A fire burns in a fireplace at the left side of the room, warming it. Upstairs, a long hall with doors left and right is found. Behind each door is a room with a bed, table, and drawer is contained.

A purple haired Death Knight wearing large plate armor sits near the fire, his legs propped up on the table, a mug of wine beside them, half empty. The Night Elf was Kirainas Silverwind, the owner of the tavern.

It had been an extra cold day. "It is a cold day Xena. Do you know what that means? Adventurers! Cold, hungry, thirsty, adventurers. And you know what that means? Money! Lots of money..." said Kirainas, seeming glad. Xena smiled, "Yes sir, more money for you and I. I know how much you love having a full coin purse, and you know how much I love it as well!" Kirainas laughed, smiling, the cut on his lip curving into a crescent. "Got that right, my good friend."

Kirainas turned his head to look at the doorway as the wooden door flew open, cold air coming in, to see who has entered. Such a variety come passing through...
Easkeruth was travelin the areas for new treasures to be found. He had found a common artifact that he snuffed at and stuffed into his pouch. He was getting tired and decided to take a stop at a tavern. He traveled to what was known as The Howling Wolf Tavern. Any tavern would do anyways so it didn't matter to Easkeruth. He stepped through the doors and made note of the sindorei and the night elf and took a seat at a table calling for a roasted boar leg placing down a gold coin and 5 silver
Kirainas Silverwind watched the Worgen warrior as he walked into the tavern and took a seat. "Welcome to the Howling Wolf Tavern, friend." called out Kirainas, as Xena walked over to the Worgen and took up his coins from the table, "Coming right up, sir." she said, smiling and walking back into the kitchen, to get his order of roasted boar leg.

She came back with a couple minutes later, a roasted boar leg on a silver plate, placing it down on the table infront of the Worgen. "Here you go, sir. If you need anything, I'll be at the counter, just call for me."

She walks back to the counter, and goes back to cleaning the counter, and empty glasses on it with a wet cloth.
Aelastus was in dalaran on business for the regent lord of quel'thalas bringing news to the archmage of the sunreavers when he decided to look for an inn to rest in he walked into a fairly new building and placed a bag of coins on the table, he asks for some wolf stew and a bottle of pinot noir
Xena took up the bag of coins, emptying the coins into the pouch at her waist. She smiled at the Blood Elf, "Coming right up, sir." She walked back into the kitchen in the back of the tavern, to get his order.

Xena came back a little bit later, holding a steaming bowl in one hand, and a bottle of Pinot Noir in the other. She sets them both down on the table infront of the Blood Elf, "Enjoy. If you need anything else, just call for me." She walks away, back towards the counter.
Mattias would have continued his trek north, staring at his pocket watch as he walked through the bar's threshold. He would be effectively wrapped in heavy black and purple robes, covering his face with a thin black scarf in order to combat Northrend's frigid temperature. He would quickly snap his watch closed and stow it in a pocket among his layers of robes, replacing it with a fist full of silver. He would approach the bar and pull down his facemask, speaking in a quiet, vicious, almost in a hiss type of manner.

"Barkeep. Anything strong, please."

He would drop the silver on the counter and sit down, pushing the small pile of currency to the opposite side of the bar.
Ecrulis stormed into the tavern with a lithe female blood elf following him and a rather large lynx trailing behind, "I swear If you don't keep that thing fed and quiet I will kill it myself Maethyl!" with that he dropped his greatsword into the corner and sat down motioning to the woman cleaning the bar, "give me something something dead and raw to feed to that annoying creature", tossing a few gold coins onto the table and nearly ignoring the female blood elf that strolled over to the table.
Zhou Stormbrew walked into the tavern with an urge to drink some fine ale. He looked around nodding at all the other patrons of the tavern and went down to the bar of the inn. He asked the bartender. "Hello there, may I get your finest ale?" He put down some gold coins, he didn't look to be around here. He sighed as he closed his eyes, rubbing his head. He licked his lips as the bartender set down his mug of ale and took the coin he left. The pandaren then chugged it down to the last sip.

"Ahh! That's the stuff!" He smiled, he then closed his eyes, sitting down, beginning to meditate, hoping not to get bother much by the other patrons of the bar.
Clayvan Sunblaze was reading a magical tome, learning of new fire spells that he could use the next time he had to go into combat. Deciding to take a break from his studies, which was rare for him, he decided to go to the Howling Wolf Companion. The last time he was here were when his "brothers" came to Dalaran on "business". He thought of his brothers, but in truth, they were extremely extremely close friends. He remembered helping them when Tirion Fordring, leader of the Argent Crusade, asked for adventurers to take on Scourge Forces at Scourgeholme and boy did they tore that place up. Clayvan walked into the lil tavern, it wasnt as well known as The Legerdemain Lounge or Cantrips and Crows, but this will suffice. He got a table in one of the corners farthest from any occupied table, and sat in it.
Gaream was on the way to Dalaran when he saw a tavern. Bored, and in no hurry, he wandered inside, looking out of place in his light armor, as the cold no longer bothered him. he took a seat, looking around the bar and seeing plenty of people. However, he had lost his love for the living long ago, and did not care to deal with them these days unless he had to. he quietly sliped into a corner and ordered the strongest drink the bar had

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