@Everyone participating in Halaa world PVP

Despite all of the trash talking going on, that was the most fighting i've seen in Halaa in all of the time i've played. The fight went from 10v10 to easily 50v50 horde vs alliance, I enjoyed leading the horde raid. Horde managed to push in and control Halaa for 4 or 5 alliance pushes until we eventually got wiped.

After we got wiped we tried to match Alliance numbers but CRZ wouldn't merge Mal'Ganis, Illidan and Sargeras without bugging. Hopefully we can get more fights like this going in the future!
count me in ;)
Ashex held a Halaa world PVP event the week before 5.0. We got about 200 total participants :)
I was there! That event was well organized and very fun. Todays raid was a spur of the moment fight that started with less than 5 on each side and grew to a full out war. Both sides easily collected enough tokens for both mounts and almost crashed the server.
This was so much fun guys. I'm not trolling, I'm having a blast with world PvP and creating events ha ha!


photo album for you guys to look at!!!
Can this happen again soon! so much fun!!
10/25/2012 11:38 PMPosted by Wmwmwm
Can this happen again soon! so much fun!!

I concur :)

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