MOP Warrior Concerns.

Im really concerned with the new Changes taking place for MOP, especially the most recent updates.

Check out WOWHEAD's Talent Calculator for Warriors.

Lastest updates on Warriors.

BIG ISSUES (Also we arent getting ANY new abilities).

1) Stances no longer increase our damage at all, Whats up with that ? As if we arent already weak. From what ive seen on the BETA rage isnt an issue.
2) Deadly Calm Nerfed, and no longer a specialization ability.
3) Lose Hamstring Root.
4) Lose Enraged Regeneration as a baseline healing ability.
5) We lost far too much Crit again, along with abilities like juggernaut.
6) Our Cool-Downs still suck, MS got nerfed to a 6 second CD, yet hunters are getting an ability which allow them to spam the mortal strike effect with a longer duration, 30 seconds to our 15 seconds.
7) Recklessness is still on a 5 minute CD, and it still increases our damage taken, which it shouldnt. We have to waste a Glyph, which talking to high rated Warriors isnt worth it.
8) Deep wounds damage is terrible, it doesnt seem like its been combined with rend at all.
9) Staggering shout not viable unless piercing howl is our baseline slow.
10) Hidden nerf, Colossus Smash is now only for Fury.

Everyone has our abilities but better versions of them.

Why arent we getting anything new ?

Does anyone else besides me notice these things ? Soo little attention is being payed to Warriors. Just look at our Tier and Challenge mode sets, the Art is pathetic, i dont even want to see how bad our PVP set will be.

by Punctured
Warrior require more skills to play, you cannot play one by facerolling like you would in the world of magecraft.
This is a joke thread, right?
Gannicuz, you're really REALLY behind. Go check either the Blizzard or WoWhead talent calculator again. A lot of those issues have been addressed or weren't even issues to begin with.


He just quoted an mmo-champion thread that's 5 months old...
09/22/2012 10:30 AMPosted by Rampaged
Warrior require more skills to play, you cannot play one by facerolling like you would in the world of magecraft.

Warriors are not hard to play at all.
Warriors should not be hard to play, but they require skill to play well. Don't know why he's complaining about something thats already been addressed too...

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