Skilled dedicated raider LF HM MoP raid team

Earthen Ring
Hello everyone,
First off I would like to introduce myself. I am known in game as Daramun or Senorsquishy. I have been playing WoW since 2005 and I've always raided the top content except during DS. I quit WoW when DS was launched. That being said I came back to WoW in I believe June or July. At that time I made a guild on Korgath and started recruiting. Within a month I had myself a raiding guild and we were 8/8 DS. Now since that team people have went their separate ways and I found myself back on Earthen Ring. With MoP launching in 2 days I am desperately searching for a raid team that plan on progressing quickly into hardmodes. I would prefer a 25 man team but tbh it really doesn't matter a 10 would be just as good. I would greatly prefer to join a raid team on my mage, but if I can't find a raid team with him I would just as soon join on any of my 85s on Earthen Ring. Here are the classes I have at 85 and the order I wish to raid with them from most to least. Mage(fire), Paladin(Holy), Death Knight(Frost/Unholy), Hunter (BM/MM), and my shaman (Ele/Resto). The biggest hindrance I have run into with finding a hardmode raiding team so far is that on Thursday night I have a night class at the university. It goes from 6:30pm to 9:00pm server time. Thursdays are the ONLY night that I'm not available until 9:30pm server time. Every other day I am home by 7:00pm. I would greatly appreciate any responses. I would prefer a team that was 8/8hm in DS by the time Cataclysm came to an end. Although at this point any team will do to be honest as long as you have previous hardmode raid experience because I'm just desperately looking to get into a team to dive into hardmodes and challenge mode dungeons.
Hi. Check out Corvus. We're currently recruiting DPS, and your mage would be fine.
Wow, I just realized I posted this on the wrong mage. I am looking for a horde guild. Sorry for the confusion Jeln.
I looked at your site last night. As long as the raid times on there are accurate I can't commit to those times due to Thursday night class.

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