Feedback on White Tiger tier set

Blizzard, I'd like to say that you've done an excellent job with the White Tiger tier set. The whole thing looks badass and nevertheless paladin-ish. The helm, with its down-sweeping parts on the front, looks different from what we're used to for our class sets, but that is most definitely not a bad thing in this case, since the helm still exudes this knight-in-armor feel to it.

The pauldrons, now that they've got the white tiger-breath particle animation, look excellent. I was worried when I saw White Tiger without the particle animation in the previews at; those early-stage pauldrons looked like these tiny heads that look like they taper to a point and have two glowing eyes. At that point, I looked at them and thought the armor was pretty "meh", and I thought, "At least it ain't Crystalforge!" But now, with the complete particle animation, they look awesome.

One tends not to notice the rest of the armor besides the shoulders and helmet, but the rest of it does look excellent and paladin-ish, with the gems here and there, and a definite metal-plate look to it.

So...I figured your art department deserved some positive feedback about this iteration of paladin tier armor; you really did an excellent job with this!
Remind me of the first gen White Ranger, might actually finish my pally because of it.
The raid finder set is as ugly a color scheme as I've seen in a while. Normal/heroic looks really nice though.

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