Getting, every 5 minutes.

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Blue give us something here...I am out of options, and I am about to lose my raid spot. When that happens, you lose me as a paying customer. Not a threat, just the way it has to be...
Bump. I know someone sees this. Losing interest pretty soon.
Still happening, still no response. I have lost my raid spot; how can I blame them? No one wants to wait for the one or two people that have a !@#$ty connection.... some times are better than others; it's kind of random except that it worsens during high-pop times-- you know, RAID TIMES. I want my money back. For the last 6 weeks of this BS.
Getting deserter flags on top of DCs. Ok, Ive done my griping and bumping. Shutting up but keeping an eye. Sorry to all those having issues.
Ok guys you're not gonna believe this, but, tonight I have played 4 solid hours without 1 disconnect, what did I change you ask, not an effing thing,,,,so I'm like wtf? anyway I'm not dropping my ticket with Blizz til I get a real answer as to what's really going on.... Will keep you all posted.
When is this going to be fixed?! I don't pay 15$ a month to play in 3 minute intervals...
10/06/2012 06:09 AMPosted by Brewmanchu
When is this going to be fixed?! I don't pay 15$ a month to play in 3 minute intervals...

Guys, 0pen a ticket with blizz. that way they will see how wide spread the problem really is.
Also another FYI, I was able to play last night for 6 hours straight without a single disconnect. So, unless Geek Squad snuck into my house & fixed my PC and network, blizz must have done something on their end.

I'm really hoping it stays fixed, dealing with their tech support made me feel like a dentist cuz it was like pulling teeth.
Ok so, i think i managed to fix my problem. In my case, since i got a new router yesterday (when this issue started) I configured everything up BUT, i forgot to set the connection for ALWAYS-ON instead of ON-DEMAND. After that I stopped getting dc'd every 5mins while playing.

That was actually what solved my problem, might be (or not) your problem as well.

Give it a check.

It seems another user called the ISP because they were marking WoW as illegal and blocking it. I am calling them now too.
hey, good to see that no blue has even replied to this thread.

lol screw the customers i guess is what im seeing happen
where did you find these options at Maev? (Always on instead of On-demand)
hi,guys, could you please post the disconnecting part in your connection.log which is under game's folder? I found something in the log. I don't know the client disconnect reason:14? Can any one search and tell me? and where is Is it a battle net chatting server? why disconnecting from battle net chatting server will cause game client disconnecting also?

10/7 13:12:31.583 Client Disconnect due to reason:14
10/7 13:12:31.596 Client initiated Disconnect from
10/7 13:48:23.765 Client Disconnect due to reason:14
10/7 13:48:23.781 Client initiated Disconnect from
10/7 13:53:23.175 Client initiated Disconnect from
10/7 14:07:14.474 Client initiated Disconnect from
On ATT and having the issue. Didn't start until this evening. Now it's happening every 30 seconds to a minute. I'm able to get off a single message in guild chat and then I crash. Different characters on different world servers.

10/7 04:32:52.696 Login program=WoW platform=Win locale=enUS
10/7 04:32:52.776 Component WoW.Win.16057
10/7 04:32:52.803 Component WoW.base.16057
10/7 04:32:52.823 Component WoW.enUS.16057
10/7 04:32:52.845 Component Tool.Win.1113
10/7 04:32:52.905 GRUNT: state: LOGIN_STATE_CONNECTING result: LOGIN_OK
10/7 04:32:52.937 Connecting to
10/7 04:32:53.591 GRUNT: state: LOGIN_STATE_AUTHENTICATED result: LOGIN_OK
10/7 04:32:53.886 ClientConnection Initiating: COP_CONNECT code=CSTATUS_CONNECTING
10/7 04:32:53.924 GRUNT: state: RESPONSE_CONNECTED result: LOGIN_OK
10/7 04:32:54.293 ClientConnection Completed: COP_CONNECT code=RESPONSE_CONNECTED result=TRUE
10/7 04:32:54.380 ClientConnection Initiating: COP_AUTHENTICATE code=CSTATUS_AUTHENTICATING
10/7 04:32:54.966 ClientConnection Completed: COP_AUTHENTICATE code=AUTH_OK result=TRUE
10/7 04:32:55.781 ClientConnection Initiating: COP_GET_CHARACTERS code=43
10/7 04:32:56.743 ClientConnection Completed: COP_GET_CHARACTERS code=44 result=TRUE
10/7 04:33:15.621 ClientConnection Initiating: COP_LOGIN_CHARACTER code=77
10/7 04:33:20.447 ClientConnection Completed: COP_LOGIN_CHARACTER code=78 result=TRUE
10/7 04:34:10.450 Client initiated Disconnect from
10/7 04:34:10.645 GRUNT: state: LOGIN_STATE_DISCONNECTED result: LOGIN_OK
10/7 04:34:10.788 Login program=WoW platform=Win locale=enUS
10/7 04:34:10.820 Component WoW.Win.16057
10/7 04:34:10.839 Component WoW.base.16057
10/7 04:34:10.859 Component WoW.enUS.16057
10/7 04:34:10.888 Component Tool.Win.1113
Disabled all addons and DC'd even faster than when I had them on (coincidence I assume). Suffice to say it is not addons causing the problem.
Getting so pissed. Honestly, I also feel it would be a nice if we got a reply. Even if it was "we have no idea what we are doing", instead of being ignored.
This is my 5th post on this thread.

Same issue, yesterday played for hours without any dc, today dcing every 10 secs.

Can we get a " real solution" from " blue"?
Having this same issue since 5.0. DCing every 10-15mins my password keys are fading.
yeah im getting DCed alot, super lag spikes only in the last few days
How many of you are still having problems with disconnecting? For me the issue "resolved itself", it went away just as suddenly as it appeared. Over course of the 4 days that I was going back & forth with Blizz tech support here is what they had me do:

Delete the WTF, Cache, Interface folders.
Un-install Curse Client
Delete all my add-ons
Un-install my anti-virus program
turn off my firewall
re-boot my cable modem & router
run DxDiag & MSinfo32 (they asked me to email them the log file created by the 2 programs)

Tech Support also suggested that my ISP might have been throttling or blocking p2p traffic.

All of the above did not solve the problem.

On my own I tried this procure, which by the way didn't help either:

Force World of Warcraft to Repair its Data

Navigate to your World of Warcraft folder.
Delete WoW.mfil, WoW.tfil, and WoW.pfil files.
Open the Data folder.
Delete the Cache folder.
Delete the *.MPQ file that was mentioned in the details section of the error log. (It's highlighted in the example above)
Delete the folder (PC)
Run the game in Administrator Mode (PC)
The launcher will then redownload the deleted MPQ file. You can click Play once the game is up to date.

So, by this point I really just threw my hands up in disgust. I had enough & I didn't feel like going another round with Blizz Tech Support, I just decided to live with the problem for now.

Then 2 nights ago, the disconnects stopped happening. I am happy about that, don't get me wrong, but, it brings up the question, How did the problem get fixed? The whole time I was dealing with Tech support, they kept kicking it back to me. So, the only conclusion that I can come up with is that they did discover the problem was on their end & quickly fixed it and they aren't saying anything about it to save face. I believe that's why we haven't seen a blue response to this thread. I think they are waiting for all this to die down and go away.

Maybe I'm wrong..who knows? What do you guys think?

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