Getting, every 5 minutes.

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Add another constant disconnection victim. Was OK on Tuesday. Yesterday I was getting disconnected constantly on my warlock in the Jade Forest. Today I'm getting constantly disconnected on my monk in Stormwind and Darkshore. I cleared out all of the folders, etc. and none of that seems to work.
I am still having disconnect problems... I can't remain logged in for more than 10-15 seconds. Hell, I often can't even finish a fight, killing a regular mob, before I get disconnected!

I opened a ticket with support, but in the past two days, they just haven't been helpful. I've done everything, from reinstalling the entire game, I have no addons anyway so didn't have to mess with that, deleted all WoW temporary files, (cache, wtf, interface), updated all drivers, network, sound, video, motherboard, router firmware, windows update, did traceroutes, dxdiags, msinfo, tested x34 vs x64, dx9 vs dx11, full screen vs windowed, disabled firewall, disabled antivirus, forwarded all WoW ports (NEVER had to do that before, btw), power-cycled everything, made a new character on a completely different WoW server...

I am seriously out of things I can try. This SUCKS. BIG. Game is completely unplayable.
It seems that some people are having some luck with the 32-bit mode; I still hold that patience will be required.
BUMP!!! Come on blue what's the deal, 3 days of this now. Where's the fix?
I've read in a few posts in this thread that the game is "unplayable". Well, that's 100% true. You can't play when every few minutes the game stutters, then locks up during mid-spellcast, then freezes to "You have been disconnected from the server". It's such a downer when I'm riding along on my hunter or lock, and all of a sudden my pet stops in his tracks a hundred yards behind me. I'm like " we go again".

By now I've almost come to expect to get dc'd every few minutes, and that's just a shame. Shouldn't have to play like this.

This has been happening since the patch (for me at least), and ONLY since the patch...and ONLY with WoW, so maybe they'll address this issue that apparently many people are having.
Add me to the list... See my previous posts with everything I tried. Yesterday afternoon it was a no go, last night after a fresh install I was fine, fine again this morning, then about 10:30 central time it all went out the window again. Wednesday it was completely unplayable.

to add... its only my account. Tried on the other computer that my wife plays on and its the same thing but she is just fine on her account.
I'm telling you, it's Blizz, or it's windows, or it's The Devil.... it's not you. Wait for the fix; the party or parties responsible will not cop to the fault, so there is no point in asking for help. They will just try to distract you with little fixes that may work for a minute. It's like pouring metal shavings into a busted radiator-- it may work for a little while, but the problem is still there, and tomorrow your garage floor will be green.
I've never had this problem before, but it started tonight. I played for 5 hours each night on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week since MoP released with no problem, but starting tonight I have been plagued with the constant DCs so often reported in this thread.

Mine often come with absolutely no warning though - no pet lagging behind me or other freezing, just instant disconnect to the log in screen with zero warning, but able to log back in immediately. Currently, seems to be happening once every couple of minutes, but I've had two or three periods where I've gotten 10-15 minutes in before more DCs.

Any help or acknowledgement from a blue would be much appreciated.
Add another victim to the list. Can we get some info on what's going on Blizz?
The constant DCs are happening to me as well, and I'm pretty sure it's been since the 5.0 patch.

There are two other computers in the room with which we do three-man stuff, and the other two set ups are not experiencing this problem.

I've already tried the removal of the WTF/addons/cache folders.

It seems to come in streaks, like it's area-related, although sometimes I'll also get dc'd in town too. The last really bad streak was around the water sprites in Jade Forest, for example.

Just to be clear, I've gone through all the steps listed here and even traded out cables, so far still getting DC streaks every now and then.
Somewhat related, but when I open up WoW and log-in, I play for around...5-30 minutes, then I get an immediate disconnect with no warning.
I can get back in quickly, as said before, but the strange thing is the disconnects never come back until I either log-out completely, or close WoW.
I'm having the same problem. I get dc'd every 10-15 minutes, internet doesn't go out just disconnects me from the server and I can log back into my character right away.
I just started playing WOW again because I was really excited about Mist of Pandaria and now this. I'm having the same issue as the rest of you. The only way I can play is to use two different realms. When one toon crashes after about 2 hours I go and play with another toon in a different realm to get 2 more hours in.

I'm begining to think that they put a time limit for game play if so I'm going to cancel payment once again.
I am having the same issue

It started after that urgent maintenance last night, d/c every 5-10 mins( sometimes less) and unable to reconnect .

Are there any blue posts that we can follow besides deleting folders/power cycling methods etc?
must get to 90, 2 minutes at a time.... Blizzard we want to give you all our money but you are it harder when we can't stay logged in. Please at least post saying that you are addressing the issue.
So far I have tried everything and still the same problem. In fact I think its has gotten worse. I can't even play for 10 minutes before it says I have been disconnected from the server.
Same issue, reseted everything (modem, cache, interface, etc), flushed dns, ports open on windows and router, everything is up to date; like all said: we play, we can still guild chat, /s asd, but everything stops because of packets loss and we just stand there casting and taking hits, if Im lucky I dont get disconected and everything just speeds up to catch on the packets, but 90% of the time I dont... Im trying to stay positive but this is frustrating.

Edit: and other online games/services are working as it should, its just WoW.

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