[H] <Morbid> Hardcore 10M

Shattered Hand
Morbid is searching for 1 mage or shadow priest for our Core-10.

Tuesday 8-1130 Wed 8-1130 Thurs 8-1130

This is our current raid schedule, everything is still tentative as far as start times are concered. Our core consists of many longtime Shattered Hand players. Our raid leader has 2 realm first achievements as well as some of our raiders.

Currently there are 2 top end 10mans, Exigent and Checkmate. We would like to include ourselves in this small club once MOP hits.

Any interests? Send Yurq a tell/mail in-game, or myself.
The priest/mage spot is now full. We are currently looking for a resto or ele shaman for our core 10. Needs to be 5 man geared and ready to raid the first week for Tuesday.
We are now currently recruiting a shadow priest and ele/resto shaman. Message me, Femaletroll or Elasticity in game if interested.
Currently 4/6 on vaults.

We are now recruiting along with a spriest and an ele/resto shaman a hunter or mage.

Also our current raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8-12 and Sunday 8-12 as a back up night if needed.
Looking for more still, preferably nonmelee dps and/or offspec healer dps.

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