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((Hello ED,

You don't know me yet. I started anew on this realm (though I will remain active on my main [albeit dead] realm) and I am looking forward to some incredible role play and world pvp.

I've already met a few of you and made a few friends so I feel it's starting off alright.

*Cue the player that interacted badly with me in Trade chat*

So, I have a question:

Is that addon ever used in a wide scale? At all? I saw one player using this or a similiar role play addon. That was after checking every single person that passed me (In the hundreds). Total RP 2 is now compatible with any add-on using the MarySue Protocol (latest version of MyRoleplay and FlagRSP) and yet I saw only one person with anything written.

Anyways, this is mostly a shout-out to that addon. It is complex but once you understand it, it is an incredible tool that you can craft so much into the game world to really embellish your role play. It's been out for quite some time so I am sure it's old news to some of you. I'm using it. I hope many others start using it as well.

Happy ganking!))
(( Everyone I've met in the RP community Horde-side already uses TRP2. Where were you looking for RP-ers, Orgrimmar?

Try Silvermoon. Several RP guilds hang out there lately. Thunder Bluff, too. Or check the Base of Operations thread someone's been working on here: ))
((I haven't been past the portal into Lordearon Ruins yes, all of my interaction was within the grounds of Silvermoon City, Elewynn Forest, and The Ghostlands. Maybe, everyone has it on a privacy settings since the privilege levels can be set of who can read the biography/description.

edit: I was looking at that list earlier. Impressive compilation so far. ))
TRP2 is the most widely used RP addon for the Horde, and SMC is pretty much the hot spot right now. If you have any questions, feel free to inquire in the RP channel (/rp) :)
I'd like to see more people using it, personally. even if you dont plan on actively roleplaying in stories, sometimes it's fun to add a full name and small tidbit about your character. get into the RP server more. you may enjoy it better. ))
((So I found a nice group of people in SMC using it so that was a pleasant surprise. There definatly could be more getting into the RP of the RP-PvP but I come from a RP(normal) so I have a bias. Had a lot of fun last night roleplaying with that kid what's-his-face. Thanks! :D ))
((Alliance side uses it hit and miss, I wish more of us used it actually. Out of all the RPers I've seen only roughly 25% of them actually use an RP addon. It saddens me. I love TRP2))
Don't forget you locate other players using TRP2 on your map with it too.
I like my MRP and I'll never use filthy TRP2.

lfm heroic Araane 25m

(( I can tank or heal, depending on what you need.

I'm still trying to get her pants to drop. ))
09/24/2012 01:42 PMPosted by Hitøkiri
I like my MRP and I'll never use filthy TRP2.

lfm heroic Araane 25m

You're gonna need a looooooot of tanks.

ooc: i believe that's troll only.

(( BRB race-changing my warrior to a troll. ))
Hey, it won't let me download TRP 2, I clicked the note that says "if it doesn't down load, click here." But it doesn't download.. Any help with this?
Quick question, can I see Hordes TRP?
Master Chief, you only can see their TRP, if you go Horde side, to get the info. It will not update for them, if you're on Alliance.
Quick question, can I see Hordes TRP?
I believe so.

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