People just don't like hunters

All this qq about bm hunters when there are locks. And frost mages. And all the other dps classes with way more healing and overal dmg than bm hunters. Makes no sense.
people are used to mages beign stupid, but hunters were always an odd class, to the play the class to its maxim you had actualy be good, but no zoo rush as you spam arcane shot globaling people is probally the most faceroll bm has ever been, and its had its always been rather faceroll spec.
09/23/2012 07:13 PMPosted by Eponine
I hate BM hunters and I am a hunter.


*Hides BM hunter behind a curtain*

09/23/2012 07:21 PMPosted by Xyril
lets get married in vegas

Not gonna lie, I've hated BM hunters since vanilla. It's always been such a derpy, stupid 1 button spec.

I went bm just to see how dumb it was and I felt dirty even playing it.
09/23/2012 07:25 PMPosted by Xyril
wana be the best man

Do I?!! :D
I hate BM hunters and I am a hunter.
Totally going BM hunter and doing triple BM :3



OR BM, BM, ret :o
09/23/2012 05:43 PMPosted by Xyril
cuz BM hunters have pissed me off since BC
09/25/2012 03:49 PMPosted by Tripleturbo
I hate BM hunters and I am a hunter.

I agree, I was just commenting on the fact that they seem to get all the sht from people dueling, etc...

Also I'm pissed off that we are essentially being forced to play the spec. I thought the new specs, talents and glyphs were supposed to be hard choices. Idk, MM has pretty good dmg, might be viable in 3's...
I think MM would be viable, but alot of stuff wont be as vialbe as another even with the new talents and such.

Like take for example the mages.

Fire mage and Frost mage are both very viable, but can only go in certain comps.

Same with BM and MM.

At least thats my theory.

Same with Frost and Unholy DK's, same with warriors, same with everything really.

I would guess CC cleaves would be MM place while Bursing like:

Ret, Hunter,Druid/holy pally..

or DK, Hunter, Holy pally.

would all be Beast Mastery.

you see my point? :)
@ sauronNo I don't see your point. CC mechanics are the same now.

On to my rant in general. I've been BM since day one. Only played MM long enough to reach 2k ( after I did it as bm)a lot of people told me MM had a higher skill cap and BM was face roll. At the time I'd agree with that point, but I was able to hit the same rating as both specs.

What irritates me is this double standard of "MM had a higher skill cap because of readiness". Ya if you double rapid fired the burst was insane. On top of that your cc/interrupts were insane. Readiness and silence shot were the only tools MM could claim gave them a higher skill cap, and now that BM has those tools we are face roll? Its hilarious tbh. So your cc combo-into a instant aim (obivious already proc'd)chim-rapid fire-silence shot-readiness-chim-filler to next chim train til next rapid fire requires "skill" even though it was retardedly high damage and easy burst to pull off after you got an aim proc? So now the determining factor is instant aim shot for skill? I mean kill command is a shorter CD the chim, would seem more skill is required to use correctly. Arcane shot is both specs filler. Not getting the hate atm.

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