<Small Time> Recruiting For MoP

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
<Small Time> Horde US Saurfang is currently recruiting for mists of pandaria and onward. We currently run two seperate raid teams led by experienced leaders and motivated raiders.

Team "Recycled Legends"

In High Demand Of:

- Resto Shaman

Raid times for Recylced Legends (based on Saurfang server time):

Wednesday 9pm - 12am
Thursday 9pm - 12am
Friday 9pm - 12am
Saturday - Possible

Team "Weekend Warriors"

In High Demand Of:

- Hunter
- Warlock

Raid Times for Weekend Warriors (based on Saurfang server time):

Saturday 7pm - 10.30pm
Sunday 7pm - 10.30pm

If you would like to apply for these roles please visit
wtb resto shaman :3

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