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Hello, and thank you in advance for helping me. =)

I am looking for a macro that will drop my current target and will target my nearest enemy and cast Mighty Bash on them.

So for example, on my Boomkin i'm dotting up a target 25 yards away then a melee starts beating on me. I want to be able to just press Might Bash and it will auto target my nearest enemy which should be that melee and will cast Mighty Bash. Thanks again for your help.
/use Mighty Bash
@ Choonster

how would i use that with living bomb ? /use Living Bomb ? and can I use that with this macro.....
#showtooltip Arcane Blast
/script UIErrorsFrame:Hide()
/cast Presence of Mind
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()
/script UIErrorsFrame:Show()
/cast Arcane Blast

new to this macro stuff.
You should be able to /use any spell/item after /targetenemy.

As for your second macro, there's no need to hide/show the UIErrorsFrame if you're just going to clear it.

/use Living Bomb

/use Presence of Mind
/run UIErrorsFrame:Clear()
/use Arcane Blast
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You guys are now my favorite people :)
That's the best site ever, and I don't know how I missed out on its existence.

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