Don't tempt me bros. =D

Ight, for those allies who sit in HF all day, got pushed out of org by my 21 man raid (While there's easily 40 of them) and then "attempted" to gank the guldie with an Spriest (Whom I killed right off the bat) and a bad Ret pally + a resto druid. I then fought this ret pally as he blew Every CD in the book and then BUBBLE~Freedom'd as he tried to run since my backup was coming (Never attack the raid leader you dult, he has people who can see his health bar) and then DIED lemme break something down for you.

A. Reznot, you did not have to make an entire guild of fanbois for me, I don't want you all as fanbois XD.

B. 7v12 and we still win, get out of my house son.

C. Bubble does not stack with freedom bud.

Now with these facts I've now presented all I can say is you can all be my fanbois and fangirls, I don't mind (since you all target me ALL the time XD) Just don't interrupt my duels because you failed to raid org, AND THEN FAIL TO KILL EITHER OF US. Get out of my city bud and stop sending lvl 1s to !@#$% me out in PMs, it's childish =D

BTW for all those non-spectators we were past our GY totally far from the main dueling area. GG Sacred #2 for Sir Chillerace and his battle brothers have outdone you.
09/24/2012 12:22 AMPosted by Chillerace
C. Bubble does not stack with freedom bud.

09/24/2012 04:09 AMPosted by Cowmastr

Couldn't this be applied to the reszo threads? ;P
Cant even spell my name right let alone count. Chillerace you are not good at all, your speeches make no sense, and you werent even in Halaa. Stay in your base. Cower in fear. That is what you are CLEARLY good at.

See you on the battlefield. Your corpse anyways.
You forgot about the part where you all run away into your base screaming (when you get targeted) GARROSH HELP US!!! RESNO IS OUTSIDE FARMING! DO SOMETHING! To those who sit in Garrosh's room waiting for an attempt. LOL.
Reszo you're seriously a troubled young man.
Ain't he cute? watch him make 5 threads about me. Go on boy, make me 5 threads. XD

Sacred #2 I'm telling ya'. It's already happened.
09/24/2012 09:12 AMPosted by Bándet
Reszo tries to freedom out of Freezing Trap.

I like to Heal in a Silence....... >.>

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