Swiftmend mouseover macro does not work

UI and Macro
I have recently gotten a resto druid to 85 in preparation for Mists, and have been working on mouseover macros for healing. All of my macros work perfectly except for my swiftmend macro. It is identical to the macros for all my other hots, but when I use it when moused over a frame that can be swiftmended, about 50% of the time, instead of using swiftmend, it'll give me a blue hand that makes me click on the target frame to cast it.

Here's my macro; let me know if there's anything wrong with it (it might be a bit overkill, but it works fine with all my other hots and abilities):

#showtooltip swiftmend
/cast [@mouseover,help,exists,nodead] swiftmend; [@target,help,exists,nodead] swiftmend; [@player] swiftmend
Same thing happens to me. Did you ever get this resolved?

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