Inquisition Monitoring Addon?

UI and Macro
I have a pretty big screen and sometimes it's a pain to check my buffs at the top right of the screen to see if Inquisition is up or not, it would be awesome if I could put a PallyPower-like frame in the middle of my screen next to my character that tells me that so I don't have to take my eyes off the action during raids or battlegrounds. It might even save my life a time or two.
I've been trying, fruitlessly, to find something like this for a while. Do you guys know where I might find something like this? And if not, how hard would it be to make something this simple?
Most buff mods can be configured to do this for you. WeakAuras or PowerAuras are popular choices.
I use Raven for this. It's pretty handy. You can create a custom bar or notification for buffs that you may have (or are missing).

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