Transmog ideas?? New to this! Help please ;)

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Hey guys,

I've never been much of a transmogger but I've taken an interest in it lately. Not to mention, I've recently had the idea of.. well; trying to mimic Dobby from Harry Potter as best as I can lol. I'm pretty obsessed with him :P

If anyone is familiar with the character, do you have any ideas on items in-game that would most closely represent to how he looks in the movies? Tattered robes that look like a pillow case.. etc haha. Thanks guys, looking forward to this :)

Get mogit, it's a great addon that will help you out.

As far as ideas go, is pretty raggedy and about the right color, but it's not a robe.
Yeah I saw those earlier! Hmmmmmm. This is kind of challenging haha.
"Ghostweave Vest" and the lot would be a suggestion...not the best, but, a suggestion

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