Xmog, Unused Models, and you.

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Transmogrification has been a great feature, breathing life into old instances to get that sweet look.

In my many xmog runs, I've noticed or recalled several, brilliant, unused models.

Some Examples:
The unused Hunter, Rogue, Warrior, and Mage t5-lookalike Weapons.
The third/fourth coloration of t12 (Purple Mage t12, Blue Hunter t12)

I figure these were not implemented either due to time, or not wanting to make new items for models when transmog did not exist.

My ideal solution is:
-Make statless epics for the sake of transmog.
-You get these items by using Raid Drops from the relevant content as currency.
--(IE: For the Ulduar 2H I linked - it could cost 10 Runed Orbs; T5 Lookalike weapons could cost 10 Mark of the Illidari)

Thoughts? Anymore unused models? Cookies?
I want the Red Wrath set.

Parts of it (at least shoulders) dropped from Karazhan between the Green Lawbringer patch and the Ugly crap patch.
Archeology items, maybe? I would love to see Arch become a source for transmog.
Sometimes I think it's because the item developers and graphic artists aren't quite on the same page. There's a lot of weapons in WotLK that were made specifically for the various 5-mans but instead of using those models they ended up using more generic ones instead. Some of these did end up getting used when they introduced the 3 Icecrown 5-mans but a lot of them remain unused.

They also seem to make 3-5 different colors of every piece of armor and weapon, even though only 1 or 2 of them end up getting used. Would be nice if we can simply choose a color when transmogging, although have one color reserved for heroic versions of the gear. There's a few tier sets I wish were available in a different color (like the blue T10 that Muradin wears or the blue version of T12).

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