Videotron: Cant log in, Stuck as "success"

Technical Support
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As Videotron stock plummets.. The weekend watchman decides to call in some extra troubleshooters.. get 2 work!!!!

P.S. It's best to leave out stating we don't have our "A team" present today.. Just say "We're all over this problem like white on rice"
Lame! Still can't log in. Stuck at Connecting
Ahh it's like the good old days!
new power strip mabby fix your !@#$ we know you have the cash
i have one person in my guild online. they say its like a deserted town in there. but a few of us can log on threw mobile. but thats it
300+ Million in revenue per month still isn't enough to call in help over the week ends?
If i was one of the few that could login I'd sure be farmin me some serpent eggs right now :p
I guess us people who can't get in are just out of luck, if the issue is tied to their ISP.
Folks, this is clearly someone trying to tell us that we're supposed to still be in bed sleeping off a good hangover. Or still in bed not sleeping after a good sleepover!

In my case, of course, I'm like the rest of you ... trying to log in every five minutes. So sad! :-)
10/07/2012 11:32 AMPosted by Lawkstar
If i was one of the few that could login I'd sure be farmin me some serpent eggs right now :p

scratch that.. my guildies who did manage to get online are farmin rares like its cool :(
Anyone else come to the conclusion that since they did this whole cross realm bs that we get chain gliches loot issues dependin on what server the party lead is from random dc's mass lag spikes and yeah this cannot connect load retrieve stuff for rollin restarts ?? just sayin imo the cross realm stuff is messin wow up a bit
Argh!!! Gotta love these 117 minute "restarts"!
authentication servers are messing up i guess is what the issue is. whatever the hell that means. they say update us in an hour lol
So by this time we should all be back in the game .... oh wait .... nope I'm still stuck trying to connect.
Topic on the possibility of the city wide wipes and reported hackers, with video proof, on this thread. Go there and get informed. Blizz has been hacked. Again. This time it isnt personal information. Its the actual servers. Many videos on it. Come here and demand a blue post from Blizz!
this is insane how about u fix something blizz instead of breaking it wut with all the restarts every single day
Trying to find an update on today's authentication issues. Login message timestamped 11:15 a.m. says they will provide an update within an hour but there hasn't been an update.

I guess they fail at doing even that much. Has anyone seen an update as of this posting?

09/22/2012 08:56 AMPosted by Zeltrax
This is BS! I am paying for this service! How can they let it stay down for this long without fixing it. I want my money back for MoP, Screw Blizzard!!

cut your losses and quit then, stop spending money on them if youre so pissed off.

but i bet you wont, i bet youll keep paying and playing like a good little lap dog.

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