So I hear they're adding class changes...

Death Knight
09/22/2012 02:01 PMPosted by Kusari
notice how that info was posted over 2 years ago and is not a legitimate blizzard source.

Posted on April First, just to clarify.
They'll never do it.
Posted April 1st 2010

this may just be an April fools joke that lasted this long
09/22/2012 01:50 PMPosted by Jäckßauer
They're not gonna be adding class changes, ever. This will lead to a huge amount of bad fotm class changers. If they added this, I would very likely stop playing the game.
There's never gonna be class changes, only faction and race.
Although I'd love for them to add it.
i don't know about you, but people have enough trouble wanting to pay for a transfer at the current rates. I feel the Transfer prices are a bit ridiculous myself, but eh.
People barely know how to play their class leveling from 1-85, I would hate to see what would happen with paid class changes.
I always wanted to be a warlock, this will be my chance I can't wait!
Thanks for the necro douchebag.
This is the DK forum, we should be expected to be necromancers.
also class changes wouldn't be that big of a deal. anyone who thinks they would is more than likely kidding themselves about more than a few things.

i have one of every class above level 85. i believe i have around 5 or 6 90s. most people have several toons at max level. i can already switch from class to class as i like and so can most people.

at that this would change is that the few people who don't have several max level toons could, at the cost of money, switch around less well than we already can.

more than likely its also a gearing issue. would you just come over with all your old gear? in a lot of ways blizz might not like that. it would also effect transmog a lot. people would change from within mail or leather or what not to get class specific transmogs and so on. and if you didn't keep your gear and instead got ilevel equivalents... that has its own problems.
02/24/2013 08:34 AMPosted by Kioh
This is the DK forum, we should be expected to be necromancers.

From an RP standpoint, doesn't a class change make more logical sense than a race change?
For example, you could have a Gnome warrior who is killed and resurrected as a death knight by Arthas, and viola class change. Or you could have a mage start practicing the dark arts and becomes a warlock.

But a Tauren turns into a Gnome?

Also Gojiberry is my hero~
02/24/2013 01:09 PMPosted by Merendia
From an RP standpoint, doesn't a class change make more logical sense than a race change?

Nope, race change isn't for RP purposes, it's for gameplay purposes.
If they added class changes then every person that tries to sell accounts would level up DK's quickly and and then change them to whatever class is required and still make a profit most likely.
As much as I dislike the idea I would probably consider it if I had to push through another season as bad as this one for ret paladins.
All i want is to change my dk into a mage lol [
I'm surprised they've resisted the temptation of adding a lot of paid services. A bunch of people would pay 100 bucks to change classes. That's 100 real dollars for approximately .0000001 cents worth of pixels for Blizzard.
Cant be bothered to level my hunter. A $25 class change would be good.

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