Heroic Lich King 25- At boss - 200k Jackpot?!

I have been blessed with a wonderful gift from one of my closest friends from the weekly ICC runs I do on Openraid.

I have been given a lock-out at Heroic Lich King and I had somebody run in to confirm the boss is pull-able. As the leader of a highly successful weekly speed run I am ecstatic that I have been given one last chance at a mount I've been farming for months now.

I have a 200,000g reserve of Invincible with a level 6 guild that will be transferred within the hour of the drop if it shows.
Rest assured I am extremely experienced with this fight considering I have done it around 35 times now across all my characters.

Sign-Up is available here:

Sunday night at 8PST!

Trade-Chat pugs may be brought in from Proudmoore and realms/guilds of friends to fill spots as this is very last minute.

This is a lockout for Heroic Lich King /only/. I host a weekly group that kills all bosses that will be resuming a week after Mists lands.

This is the perfect opportunity for somebody who does not want this mount to have a shot at a good chunk of change, a transferable guild to hold on an alt and it should (if people listen) be an extremely fast and clean kill.

If you do not have Light of Dawn - Do not be afraid! As long as you have DBM, know what strafing is and can get into vent you're good to go!

Again - A huge shout out to the Open-raid community and the Achievements forums for making this possible for me. You guys have been a huge support.
Hi Schwert

Good luck on invincible!

I decided last week to level and play an alliance character for the first time in many years. Thanks to double agent achievement and no other reason, I wanted to be prepared. (sorry alliance - nothing against you - I promise - horde just look cuter to me!).

Well my alliance just hit 85 yesterday, and if you need the extra head for numbers I can go on her for you. She is a fresh 85, has done nothing, is a warrior (where you probably want ranged over melee dps so you can push faster) But she is available and free for you if you want to use her!

Battletag is Bratzy#1471 if you want her.

P.S Once again good luck! I am an avid user of openraid however, my alliance character or alts won't be added to my account on Openraid. We had a mimi head drop in our weekly uld run this week hosted by openraid!
Baby warriors are actually pretty good for LK since you can hit the shattering throw button and pump up all the other melee. (Phase 1 opener.)

Shockwave is also great in case we're not ranged heavy enough to skip Valks this time around.
Normally we have a gag 3 suicide team who just die to them weekly and we place bets on if they'll live or not. More of a for laughs and ease of completion thing I've found since pugs are bad with Valks for some reason.

You won't be a "head" at all if you can press those two buttons. :D
Has anyone heard anything about blizzard taking the " Glory Of the Icecrown Raider " out of the game? We were told that they were and have some guildies that need a few more achievements and wont be able to get them in there before MoP launches. Is this just a rumor?
Yes, it is just a rumor. All the achieve changes have been made already, plus Blizz has not removed even Glory of the Raider (for Naxx) achieve, they removed the mount though.
As a precaution in the future never believe any rumor what so ever unless it has a blue post behind it or is reported on an extremely large and trusted fan-site. (MMOchamp, WoWinsider, ect.)
In desperate need of a warlock because apparently having Light of Dawn earned on this character means I can't waltz in the entrance without killing him on 10 normal.


Edit: Got one! Down to just healers and RDPS since I got a tank buddy from Proudmoore comin'.

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